Friday, January 6, 2012

All schaden, no freude

The quick gist: Omar Gonzalez has a left ACL rupture, he's been recalled (in every applicable sense of the word) to L.A. for surgery and will probably miss 4-6 months. Shocking bad luck all the way around, but FC Nürnberg seemed to fall in love with guy fast. Don't at all be surprised if we see him "visiting" again before 2012 is over. Report coming at MLSS.

- Greg Seltzer


Nick said...

Hopefully, they stay up!

Phil McCracken said...

True, with all of these changes, the Galaxy could end up getting relegated;)

Shame for Omar, I hope that he has a speedy recovery.

Connor Walsh said...

Que MLS taking a stance against all future two-month loans. Terrible luck for the player. Really disappointing, rules him out for the Olympics, rules him out for summer WCQ. Devastating.

Greg Seltzer said...

Not so fast there, Connor. Let's see what the LA docs say first.

As for injuries during loans or trials, they can't be any more of a risk than national team camps or friendlies.

Malcolm said...

Personally I thought he needed another year of MLS seasoning before going abroad. Not sure that going to Nürnberg was the right move for him at this time.

Sad to see the injury. Talented player.

UnitedDemon said...

Wow. I'm going to say I had a bad feeling about this loan, mostly because I thought he should be in this camp for the national team. Timmy's going to have to play through this mess, for sure.