Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A brother needs some sleep.

While it's possible something else wiggled through the window, it appears Edson Buddle rejoining L.A. and Charles Renken heading to the Portland Timbers will stand as our late fireworks.

As I was informed to be likely, the DaMarcus Beasley move to Nancy did not come off, most likely because Puebla execs are too busy trying not to go to jail. I was told he is open to an MLS return, but that would be more likely to occur this summer. Ricardo Clark will now start looking in Scandinavia - or perhaps MLS can persuade yet another German club to let yet another American of value loose for free?

There was something else being discussed late that apparently did not reach the finish line. If I don't wake to find it went through, we may talk some about that soon. For now... pillow time.

- Greg Seltzer

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J.D. Springer said...

No rest till Brooklyn, sir.