Sunday, January 15, 2012

Downward (Header) Dogs

I'm 42, play soccer against guys (and sometimes a couple of gals) in their 20's every week, bicycle everywhere for transport and breakdance some nearly everyday. So you know I love me some yoga.

Apparently, so does Klinsi, because the USMNT are now hitting their cobras as part of recovery and preventative medicine. One benefit for regular practitioners they don't mention in this clip that can be an underrated gem in creative/pressure situations: a calmer mind.

Frankly, I was shocked that Kyle Beckerman had never been introduced to yoga until now. Perhaps MLS teams don't use it because they play over summer, but it can surely be of use when the weathers cools heading into the playoffs. It's about we brought our players up to 3000 BC.

FYI: If you want to start, I'd suggest getting the AM/PM Yoga DVD by Rodney Yee and doing the morning routine for a bit before trying anything more complicated. To be honest, I like it so much, there's never been any desire to switch "up" to another routine.

- Greg Seltzer


Jay said...

There was some bit at the beginning of the EPL season about then-new signing Brad Friedel introducing yoga to Tottenham. Other players there have picked it up in order to work on their flexibility. Not surprised to see this at all.

Bryan said...

Lots of new-agey stuff from Klinsmann. It could be that it makes good video for US Soccer, but I just hope this actually applies to our soccer abilities