Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The end of the Beckham saga... another beginning.
Sources close to the process have told that the Galaxy's willingness to accommodate Beckham if he were selected to play for Great Britain in the Olympic Games in London this summer was an important factor for the superstar, who was a key pitchman for Britain's bid.
So Goldenballs is yet MLS' golden import, for what appears to be the final act of his club career (unless he has a serious surprise brewing at 38). The Galaxy clearly were accommodating in Beckham's contract niggles, but I suspect the heaviest factor had nothing to do with either AEG or PSG's Qatari oil barons. Victoria and their brood were stuck in the ground in LA and finally, in what seems like an odd move considering the fanfare that has followed his career in its twilight, something other than business acumen and footballing glory is helming Becks -- common sense. Imagine that.

- Will Parchman


Greg Seltzer said...

It's officially official now.


And may I just say.... let's all try to remember who called this from the start. :D

dikranovich said...

gregodamus. maybe we should get you together with wynalda.