Monday, January 2, 2012

A few things...

Been on a nice self-imposed vacation from the interwebs over the last week and a half here in La La Land(on), which coincides neatly with the dog days of the MLS offseason. Sadly I was unable to see off Donovan to the land of Toffee. But I am preparing to eat a king's dinner of Indian food in downtown Pasadena tonight. Access to a nice chicken tikka masala should be a birthright.

#1. If NBC's fledgling sports network doesn't have you psyched yet, peep this video. If this doesn't get your blood pressure at unhealthy levels, check that pulse. I think you're dead.

#2. It's usually about this time that a wacky transfer rumor hits the league. The MLS offseason till works in such a way that teams fight attrition through December until binging on free agents when the transfer window is pulled open in January. So we've got a few rumors to mull over as the year turned over. Despite his own protestations that he's happy at Stamford Bridge, Frank Lampard's name continues to swirl. But now the ridiculous news that Samuel Eto'o could be MLS-bound is picking up steam. Why, I don't know. While the Lampard rumors aren't so outlandish - whether it happens or not - the idea that MLS could poach a mercenary like Eto'o, or that AEG would be willing to absorb the DP fees on his sure-to-be grossly distorted contract, is another matter.

#3. So to root things back on Earth, LA reportedly tossed its hat in the ring for Rubin Kazan target man Obafemi Martins. It's cold in Russia this time of year, I hear. Elsewhere, Luca Toni's been on MLS radars since October, but he continues to talk up an American adventure. The stove, however, has cooled on Filippo Inzaghi, who was included in those initial rumors.

#4. The shocker of the week involves David Beckham, who might not be pond-hopping after all. Color me surprised. Not that we didn't think this a possibility, but for a time it looked remote in the face of the lure of Paris' walking streets and shopping and nightlife. And some footy too, I suppose. Supposedly Ancelotti wants Kaka instead. As far as walking bandaids go, he's pretty good. Stay tuned as Beckham takes his sweet time, much to the consternation of an impatient Leonardo.

#5. BBVA Compass Stadium, as the Dynamo's new palace is now named, is looking salty ahead of its May 12 unveil.

#6. SuperDraft mock drafts are floating about. Ives Galarcep seems to think Darren Mattocks is going first, which is a pretty good bet. Would love to get a taste of whatever they're putting in the water in Akron. Billy Schuler and Enzo Martinez are still negotiating GenAd contracts so it's not a safe bet that Schuler is around at No. 3 for New England.

- Will Parchman


strago said...

Enzo to De Rosario!!! GOALAZO!!!! That would be sweet.

I think Beckham stays -- his wife put up with him moving all over creation for a time and I think the family is settled in LA now. Kids are old enough they need to stay put.

I hope someday you post pictures of DC United's new stadium in downtown DC. Sigh.

Inzaghi and Toni are to old...

Will Parchman said...

I thought for a time that Goldenballs was a goner. I thought he'd had enough of the small pond mentality and the money + UEFA CL opportunity would be sufficiently alluring. I obviously took the human element out of the equation, and supposedly he's been dragging his feet because Victoria isn't stoked about uprooting the family again. Who knows? Luckily we find out for sure within a few days.

And I'm with you on United's home base. I'm certainly no DC fan, but as a fan of the league I'd like to see all 19 sides outfitted with an SSS. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, RFK is the definition of an eyesore.

Phil McCracken said...

As someone who has been to RFK in the last few years, it's an awful place to see a match and not because of the DCU fans who are loyal beyond belief. It's just an ugly and dirty venue.

DC United and their fans deserve much better (and this is from a Union supporter).