Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guess who. (updated again)

Clint Dempsey has just put Fulham up 2-1 on Newcastle at the hour. Try to contain your surprise.

UPDATE: Make it two for Deuce and a 3-1 Fulham lead after he buckets a slip pass from 15 on 65 minutes. If you're keeping score, that makes his: third against Newcastle this season, his ninth in the last 11 games overall, his eighth in league play this term and 13th across all competitions (matching his career high for a season... in January)

UPDATE UPDATE: With a minute to go, Dempsey makes it another hat trick. Don't nobody go grab the fire extinguisher.

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- Greg Seltzer


brian said...

dempseys 1st goal, similar situation as findleys horror miss earlier in the week….goal scorers instinct!

Monarchos159 said...

yep, clint dempsey is a badass

dikranovich said...

you know, the biggest goals scored today for us soccer might just be those scored by robbie keane. man, has the myth that MLS is a retirement league been dispelled?

Will said...

Thank god for the half time substitution

RobUsry said...

He needs Champions League football.