Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm not ignoring you.

Well... not for the direct purpose of ignoring you, anyway. There's just been 43 things buzzing about nonstop, allowing crazy to win the day. I missed my own soccer game and have just now eaten what should probably pass for lunch at 11 pm. I inadvertently and unknowingly caused a sourcing delay for some of my peers. It's all great fun, but eats the clock away before I know it.

You have a great many questions, soon I will provide many of these answers. A mini-goodie explosion along with the never-anticipated return of my Spidey Sense, scout's honor. I also have a "Video Friday" all lined up for morning.

To hold you over: Yes, George John is in talks with West Ham United. As always, I get none of my info from the league, and his agent Ted Philipakos would not say so either. He did offer this:

"George's original plan was to attend the national team's January camp and begin the season with FC Dallas, and then consider his options to move abroad in the summer or next winter. An interesting opportunity has materialized, which Jurgen Klinsmann, MLS and FC Dallas have encouraged George to explore. We're now in England having discussions with an interested club."

The people who outed this on Twitter are all correct saying it's not done yet. It's not far off, but as we saw last summer, things can change fast.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

i wonder what ever happened to peter philipakos, he was a promising player at one time.

Michael F said...

according to wikipedia he's still playing in greece for iraklis paschna in the greek second division