Thursday, January 12, 2012

John the Hammer

I can confirm: the short loan deal with buy option to send George John to West Ham is now signed and sealed. The official announcement is forthcoming.

And now I must hurry off before I miss my own game.

- Greg Seltzer


Jamie said...

Fantastic! Thanks!

andrés said...


Any word on Agudelo going to Stuttgart?


Phil McCracken said...

Greg, how could you think of yourself at a time like this?

We need you to shoot down/confirm transfer rumors on a real-time basis;)

Anonymous said...

Any word on a few other transfer situations?

1. Is Dempsey going to transfer to a CL club in this window?
2. Are there any other suitors for Mix other than Lillestrom?
3. Freddy headed to Keller's old club Rayo Vallecano?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Phil: Heh. I need my competition and exercise, man, or I'm not right. Gotta have it or I go batty.

All in good time, fellas... if I could tell you more now I would. But I can promise we'll have more tasty goodies soon.

RM said... now about Agudelo

Greg Seltzer said...

On that one, as of right now, I doubt I know any more than you do.

Alex said...

Where exactly do George John's international loyalties lie?

Greg Seltzer said...

You would need to ask George about that, but he certainly did show up at US camp not too long ago. That's my main reference point for the time being.