Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kit, meet Kaboodle. Kaboodle... Kit.

Finally, we have highlights from the USWNT's two-touchdown blowout in their Olympic qualifying opener. As such, let's just wrap up everyone at once.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

hey, the womens team scored two touchdowns worth of goals and ajax had one touchdown worth of yellow cards. sounds like the under is a going to be a good bet today.

Jamie said...

Anybody happen to see the Krieger injury? Was it a brutal challenge or just another instance of women's cruciate ligaments snapping like rubber bands if the wind blows the wrong way? It's a massive blow for her and the team that she'll miss the Olympics.

jon said...

Jamie, strange comment. Do women's cruciate ligaments frequently break that easily?
Anyway, it was a contact injury. Krieger had her shooting leg extended as she took a shot toward goal and the Dom. player clumsily flew into her knee with her studs up, no chance at the ball, etc.

Jamie said...

Yeah, girls tend to go through ACLs and MCLs like guys go through cleats. I presented it colorfully, but I'm not being sexist in any way. Here's an article:

Jay said...

Goddamn, dikranovich. Do you have any axe left? Seems ground down to a nub by now. Maybe it's time for you to drop it?

(Do. Not. Feed. Trolls! AAAARGH)