Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's get this party started right.

As in summer, there will soon be a transfer deadline ticker over at MLSS, which I'll be stocking with as much scene-setting and deal-clinching as we can find.

Since that won't begin for an hour or so, let's kick off the day with a couple bits. First off, it now seems Charlie Davies will be remaining at Sochaux. The day is not done, so we can't rule a loan move out, but at this point it would be a mild surprise.

Next, we explain the happy-haps surrounding Stabæk midfielder Mix Diskerud. For the moment, ignore all those Belgian and Norwegian reports insisting he is set for Gent and Lillestrøm, respectively. I repeat: for the moment.

At my last check, nothing was close to completion with anyone. In fact, there are eight clubs bidding for Diskerud - four in Norway and four elsewhere in Europe. As each club has divulged, Gent and Lillestrøm are near the front of the queue. So who else is at the party?

Well, either one or two of the other Tippeligaen suitors is Rosenborg and/or Tromsø (not necessarily in that order of likelihood, mind you). For the fourth, I only have an idea thus far. Outside Norway, there is an Eredivisie club that has twice had recent trial invites scuppered by U.S. Olympic camp timing - I may know who this is, but let's wait to make sure. The other two bidders come from two of the following three countries: Denmark, Russia and Sweden.

Obviously, the two from the Low Countries need to get a move on, because it's deadline day. Russia stays in transfer session through February 24th, while Norway and Sweden run until the end of March. Even if he does not move today, I am told there is a 70% chance he joins a new club within 10 days.

Now, here's the real scoop... the team that ends up getting him will be the one that carries over his Stabæk clause that allows free Olympic competition passage to Diskerud. It is what it is, man. Mix is determined not to miss a step of the Olympic march.

In closing, what else can I say? Stay tuned. This day may turn out boring or it could get crazy. We just all wait to find out.

- Greg Seltzer


Lampard in the End Zone said...

Thanks for the updates, Greg. Some other blogs had some news yesterday and I am glad you weighed in.

BTW, for those of us into more right brain activities, HGTV is showing "House Hunters International" tonight at 10:30 starring none other than Clarence Goodson.

Jamie said...

I'm totally going to watch that, good looking out Lampard.

andrés said...
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andrés said...

Mix loaned to Gent...it's on Gent's website (can't post a proper link on here).

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, I'm doing updates over at MLSS now. Starting to doze off, though, something needs to happen to wake me up. :D

AWF08 said...

What are your thoughts on the Dempsey
rumors? Anything likely to happen before the deadline? Arsenal, Liverpool or Italy or Spain... anywhere? Or, are we waiting for summer for something like this to actually happen.
Basically, what are you hearing?