Thursday, January 26, 2012

Money, it's gotta be the hair!

When it comes to Shea, here's the full Brek: Dinamo Kyiv did in fact make an offer to FC Dallas a couple of months ago. It may even have been before I found out they'd been monitoring him closely back around the time of the France friendly.

Long story short, the offer was quickly rejected (no word if they made a sour face when doing so) and Dinamo returned from whence they came. Then, today, FC Dallas answered a question over this tidbit in the literal present, saying there was no offer in for him. Well, no, not now. That's technically correct.

So basically, we had a good reporter still picking up the scent of a dead trail and a club massaging context to give an answer they prefer to the question. As such, I had no choice but to set it straight. It's not quite fair to make him look bad that way, as he surely would have "found the body" soon enough.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

Mwanga to Villa? Could it really just be a training stint? Seems late in the offseason for that. What do your birds say?

Greg Seltzer said...

All the stuff that isn't about Americans sorta flows past me in a big glob. But yeah, the timing for a 10-day "visit" is peculiar... trying to figure out the possible angles. I'm also assuming he would need to get the "exceptional talent" work permit approval, which I suppose is conceivable.

Bryan said...

Would Mwanga even need a work permit? He's not a US citizen, still has Congo citizenship. But I'm no legal beagle

Timmy said...

Bryan -
I also am no expert, but I believe that Africans need work permits as well. The fact that Congo has such a poor fifa ranking (I assume) and that he's never played for them wouldn't help.

Selfishly, I'd prefer he stay in the United States until he becomes a citizen so we can include him in our player pool.