Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ohhhh, it's a scene, man.

Let's not start any rumours (the UK rags are doing that well enough). Let us not even discuss possible options, real or imagined. For the moment, let's just focus on the hubbub that Clint Dempsey has become in the EPL - if not England altogether.

After his hat trick against helpless Newcastle, Fulham boss Martin Jol issued a not-so-subtle "hands off warning" - as if anyone listened. New QPR coach Mark Hughes is being linked with his old charge - as if he'd leave the Cottage for Loftus Road. But it's not just tabloid scribes and managers discussing if the Texas Tornado can take flight or where he could land, no no.

His former Revs boss, Steve Nicol, is pushing old club Liverpool at him in ESPN UK interviews, which subsequently has re-booted the Anfield hunger for Deuce in red. Arsenal fans are clamoring for him on the radio shows. Everton folks only wish they'd agreed to Fulham's asking price a couple years ago. Newcastle supporters want anyone who's kicked their ass. Man City fans, hell, they probably want everyone ever.

We even have fully delusional Aston Villa cats writing silly stuff like this: "Dempsey has been linked with the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool in recent weeks... but Lerner will be hoping that the guarantee of first-team football at Villa Park will complete the move." You get the idea. And this is how it is with a guy notoriously shy talking about the potential for leaving Fulham.

I don't like all this Donovan v Dempsey talk going on, even if they are set to clash in the FA Cup fourth round this weekend. The game will put them as opponents, but I've never been sure why US fans would need to do so. They are different people, each on his own path of choice. If they're happy, I'm happy.

That being said, Dempsey is clearly the first American field player to become a bona fide EPL star - not just as an American, but simply as a player to the English audience. From now on, every US player that doesn't wear gloves on the field heads to England chasing his Prem status. And tabloids or ex-coaches notwithstanding, for the potentially tenuous time being, that target is still moving, a stampeding buck in Fulham gear.

Face reality: If somebody really, really wants Dempsey to come over from Fulham, they are gonna have to lasso him like they mean it. After all, England isn't the Thrift 'N Save. Prem stars cost Prem star money. This one already said he gets everything he needs where is, except Champions League ball.

If the offer is whack, you will get knocked back. Know it going in, shoppers.

- Greg Seltzer


rob said...

"If the offer is whack, you will get knocked back"


Good to see such buzz around a Yank and for all the right reasons. For my own personal selfish reasons though I would cringe seeing Deuce at any of the top BPL clubs. Would love to see him at a "big" club on the continent.

Greg Seltzer said...

It's my inner Q-Tip coming out...

"Sit around watchin' the boob tube, listen on the box for a new groove

If I don't hear it, then I get my spirit lifted, I sit around and write it coz I am that gifted

Got a five-gear shifted in reverse and I'm Mr. Quest pulls with the De La verse... "

Tee said...

And THANK YOU for jumping on the whole Dempsey vs Donovan thing. Good grief, people, just be happy we have them and stop trying to make them be the same player. They are not.

The Wanderer said...

Yeah...I don't understand why all this Donovan v. Dempsey stuff is being published either. It's like they are trying to create something that isn't there. Seems too contrived in my book.
Anyhow, if Dempsey does move I hope it is to a CL team where he can have a good chance of playing. I wonder if he's consider Germany if the right team came calling?

Cathal said...

Liverpool: American owners, sketchy play on the left wing, trouble scoring goals, a lot of guys who can create chances but don't have that nack for being on the end of them. What am I missing here?

I don't like seeing Dempsey play up top - I think what makes him so valuable is his ability as a midfielder to put himself in goal scoring positions. He's like an extra striker who tracks back and can hold possession no matter where he plays.

strago said...

I will kill myself if he goes to liverpool.

Jay said...

Liverpool ain't making CL this season. Thus, Deuce ain't moving to Liverpool. Kibbosh'd!

Greg Seltzer said...

Now now. Don't emotionally blackmail Deuce, strago.


. said...

Going to Craven Cottage in March, so for purely selfish reasons I hope he at least stays until the summer.

Since he is looking for CL, I think he would be crazy to go to Liverpool - that is not a top four club.