Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is a little strange.

It's the worst-kept soccer secret in the English-speaking world, but somehow nobody has officially announced yet. Here's the skinny: Tim Ream's Bolton deal - now fully done and approved - will keep him at the Reebok until the summer of 2015.

I'm sure eventually these two clubs will admit what we already know and have a jersey picture party or something.

- Greg Seltzer


WilkersonMclaser said...

Greg, any word on Le Toux? I'd like to see him back in Philly ... but I also think he'd be a real boost in firepower for Coyle's side.

Also, off-topic: I might be the only person outside of Ibrox who's glad that Edu isn't moving to Sochaux. I agree that Ligue 1 is a better side, but going there or to a bottom-dwelling EPL team would kill his Europe opportunities. Wouldn't a move to a strong side on a good second-tier league (like Holland, Portugal, Turkey, or Belgium) be a better move? Any chance of that?

Greg Seltzer said...

Don't know if they've made any Le Toux decision.

While I don't think Sochaux will go down this season, Mo can do better. Once they sell Martin, it will be fully a rebuild side. For starters, I'd assume the Auxerre/N'Dinga watch should continue to summer.

SPA2TACU5 said...

scotland, russia and turkey. dead ends.

AdamTheRed said...

It appears Alejandro Guido has left Arnhem and is training with Tijuana.

Michael F said...

@adamthered wow tijuana is really pushing hard to get americans on their team to garner interest above the border, and i have to say it's totally working.

greg, have you heard anything about stefan jerome now trailing with dc united? how do you rate the check league/would he be good in mls?

thanks as always.

dikranovich said...

yes, stefan jerome is on trial in florida with dc united. dcu is going to be a nasty little team this year in the MLS. playoff lock this season, now that olsen has a season to get his meathooks into the team

Unknown said...

What was the transfer fee by the way for Tim Ream on moving to Bolton?

Jay said...

@Unknown - about $3 million, +/- the vagaries of the currency exchange.

@AdamTheRed - makes sense, in that he grew up in Tijuana. He isn't 18 until March, so he couldn't have joined Vitesse at the moment anyhow. Let's see how things play out in a few months.