Sunday, January 15, 2012


I recently managed to figure out how to make a good custard bread pudding using croissant. What I did not recently figure out is that Edson Buddle will audition for Everton this week. I've yet to find out what this means for West Ham's interest, but shall.

Well... at least the pudding was good. It even had apple pie filling with bits of cheddar cheese. Moysie isn't the only one who can mix American with English.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

nice reporting greg, but does this move not make so much sense? those forwards at everton are so anti team it is scary. thats a shot at saha. it would be nice to see buddle surplant the frenchman.

Greg Seltzer said...

Pardon? And I'm not following how you find it doesn't make so much sense. Everton needs help up front and Buddle comes with his Donovan connection.

dikranovich said...


Matt said...

Donovan really was the best guy on the field for Everton yesterday. Greg, can you see any realistic scenario that ends with Donovan moving to the EPL anytime soon? He makes that team much better, and its so interesting to watch because he contributes in such a different way than he does for the Galaxy.

Jay said...

Why does this question keep getting asked? Never mind, I do know why it keeps getting asked -- the mindset of MLS inferiority.

Look, Donovan has said multiple times in the past that he loves LA and that he wants to stay in LA. He has a few more years left on his contract, even though he had an opportunity to let his last contract expire and explore European options. His contract ALLOWS for loans to Europe such as this one. Furthermore, Everton doesn't have the money to afford him. Hell, they barely have money to afford anyone, much less the best American player that MLS has produced.

It ain't happening.

Greg Seltzer said...

Jay pretty much covered it: Landon loves LA and Everton have little money to spend.