Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You thought I was having a chuckle, didn't you?

Nope. It happened alright. Cut of the Day just got even better. Not only did Tim Howard score on his opposite, but Everton blew the lead to fall 2-1 at home to Bolton.

- Greg Seltzer


Michael F said...

hey greg,

do you have anything on omar gonzalez withdrawing from usmnt camp for a 'loan opportuniy' or george john being out of the country for a 'potential transfer' ?


Greg Seltzer said...

I have not heard anything out of England, where he has had interest from Aston Villa, Blackburn and Wigan. If it's not England, then we should be probably be looking toward Greece, where Olympiakos and one other club made calls for him last summer.

Greg Seltzer said...

Sorry, that was referring to George John.

With Omar, I have a few pretty good ideas where he could be headed, but will need to check around.

dikranovich said...

omar to nurenburg

dikranovich said...

according to ussoccer, via another brick in the wahl.

Timmy said...

Hey Greg - I really enjoyed your Postcard from Europe on Matthew Dunn. Keep up the good work!