Friday, January 13, 2012

You've been so patient, it deserves goodies.

What's say, since it's TGIF, we make it a treble?

  • After two rejected bids, it appears as though Sochaux have given up on getting Mo Edu. Two sources from different worlds have told me they are about to sign Plan B for that defensive midfield role instead.

    That out of the way, let's survey what's left. Edu still has interest, but I can confirm there are no other offers at this time. I have learned that we can scratch Blackburn from his list of possible suitors, at least for the foreseeable future. With Mark Hughes new on the reins at QPR, we can also cross them off.

    Longtime admirers Auxerre remain in the same boat as last summer; if Delvin N'Dinga goes, Mo again becomes a prime target. The same can probably be said about Nancy's Samba Diakité. I'm not totally sure if Bordeaux are still hanging around, but I can say the back corridor has them focusing on other specific field areas of need right now.
  • Please note that I've yet to 100% confirm this, BUT... don't be shocked if news suddenly pops that Edson Buddle has a West Ham offer or even that he has clinched a deal to head there. I've got smoke all over the place on this. An MLSS report will quickly drop if I reach fire.
  • Columbus Crew free agent midfielder Kevin Burns could get an offer from FC Hjørring after faring well on trial. In the meantime, he will visit another Danish second flight side, Viborg, and then one of my favorite little places, Osnabrück.

And by the way... a frequent NSC request is about to be filled. Next Wednesday's Postcard From Europe will be the long-taunted Top 5 Transfers That Could Have Happened involving Americans and Euro-clubs. There will be a little bit of everything: old, new, stuff you always wondered about and stuff you had no idea went on. Or nearly went on, as it were.

- Greg Seltzer


Michael F said...

thanks greg, so it appears the reports of a 3rd sochaux bid were unfounded. do you think edu moves at all this break?

not sure if you've been following but apprently gatt has been playing RB a lot for the u-23s. can't say i'm very enthused about that.

Greg Seltzer said...

Regarding Mo: it would not appear so at this moment, but things can change fast in the window.

Regarding playing Gatt at RB: Nor am I. You all know how I feel about this stuff, not to mention we have right backs and right back prospects coming out of our ears. Why we cannot just man the formation like it says in the textbook, letting guys develop and compete at their prime positions, is beyond me.

Michael F said...

u-23s are currently down 0-4 to the full team. i bet if gatt was playing wing, shea wouldn't have all that room to maraud up the left..

dikranovich said...

it sounds like benny feilhaber is spreading mustard.

Igor said...

Any idea how Buddle even comes close to a WP for England?

(Or Ream or Rogers for that matter)

Greg Seltzer said...

Well... Buddle has an appeal case about as good as Findley's, while Rogers is more in the Bedoya boat.

Ream's case doesn't seem quite so good, but he will probably be helped by the fact that Arsenal twice made offers for him.