Friday, January 6, 2012

Zen and the Art of Language Maintenance (updated)

People can be so crafty with words and accounts and descriptions, no doubt. But if you listen veeeeery carefully, you can hear what is really being said.

Case in point: the curious case of Omar Gonzalez. I'll run through this in order up to the inescapable final conclusion, so you can see how all those puzzle book logic problems as a kid have served me well as an adult listener.

1 - Yesterday, Gonzalez is loaned to FC Nürnberg, who freely admitted they were already planning to make a transfer offer for him in the summer.

2 - The Galaxy says his loan will end on February 15th, while FCN says he'll be with them "at least" until that day.

3 - Last night, I confirmed through multiple sources that FCN have yet to name the right price to complete that summer transfer. In other words, there is at this time no buy option in place, though one is in discussion.

Side note for all you nosey Nellies (just kidding): I feel confident estimating that it is probably going to take upwards of $4 million to get it done in the end.

4 - Here's the key kicker... unlike in England, the Bundesliga simply does not allow short-term loans of this kind. I just confirmed this with the DFB. You can do either a season loan or a half-season loan, that's it on the books. The federation spokesman explained the reasoning behind this rule as a sort of "sporting hygiene" - which has instantly become one of my favorite phrases.

Final analysis (a ka the return to reality): This is not a six-week loan at all. It is instead the most clever trial ever (or was until Gonzalez got hurt on the first day of training there). Unmistakably, the defender has officially been loaned to FCN until the end of the season, with the proviso that he will be recalled to L.A. on February 15th if there is not a transfer fee agreement by then.

See? If you really listen, it's all easy as pi.

UPDATE: FCN has told me just now that, yes, Gonzalez has a ruptured ligament. That trustworthy pair of Brian Twitter-heads had it right. I'm not yet sure exactly how this diagnosis plays out, more details coming soon.

- Greg Seltzer


M Vann said...

Glad I turned my ears on! I wonder yesterday how this was all going to play out. I had never heard of such a loan outside the UK. It all makes total sense now. Gonzo better impress --- when he's healthy that is!!

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, I immediately thought to myself... wait, that does not add up.

M Vann said...

Torn ACL? Is that what Kicker is reporting? Huge blow if true.

Greg Seltzer said...

I'll handle this now, hold on.

evan said...

greg, the only thing is, ld did a stint with bm a few years ago; i think when klingsi was the coach. not trying to be contradictory but its not the first time this has happened.

strago said...


Perfect, I was wondering when the officer of the club said "until at least..."

Greg Seltzer said...

@ evan:

Use your ears, listen to it... obviously, Donovan was really on a half-season loan, then recalled when L.A. saw fit.

There is no such thing as a two-month loan in German football. It does not exist. This fact cannot be gotten around.

Jay said...

Well, the phrase "We were planning on signing him this summer" doesn't leave a lot of room for interpretation.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Jay:

Correctimundo, sir.

dikranovich said...

it looks like that is all out the window now. welcome back to the galaxy omar. what a shame.

evan said...

greg, i see the difference in the two situations, i was just just trying to say that its happened before.

that said, do you see this move (before the injury) as a good place for him? i mean moving to europe for the sake of moving to europe is not a good thing, but if he can fit in and be given a chance, well thats a different story. how do you see it?

dikranovich said...

obviously from the usmt standpoint it was a great thing. omar and chandler getting reps together, that is a great situation for the mens team. in my opinion.

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, it would have been. As is, it was more like getting *a rep*.

dikranovich said...

coach klinsmann is pushing his players. we already know full well american players can be a little fragile. many deeper underlying issues at play here.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ evan:

To be perfectly frank, I think it is one of the best possible moves he could make going to Germany. With their team style and personality, he could stay within himself and have the proper amount of pressure to develop. Even if they went down this season, it would be great for Gonzalez. The 2.B is probably the best second division in the world (though a few countries might legitimately argue that). This was really crummy luck for Omar, but it may not end like this.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ dikranovich:

Have you turned into a satirist? Who knows precisely how full well that American players are fragile? What?

Klinsmann is not getting them these gigs to toughen them up, he's doing it to smarten them up.

Cam said...

on a related note Greg; Is German football the most underrated collection of leagues in the world?

I think the Premier league might have more "elite" teams but if you put many of the bottom half teams in the Prem in the Bundesliga I think they would be relegated pretty quickly

My point really is, there is a lot of depth in Germany, that doesn't get talked about that much

dikranovich said...

greg, coach klinsmann is on record as saying us players need more games. this push to get loans and trials is a push in that direction, no? of course, if the rooster cant learn something training under wenger, then we really do have a problem.