Saturday, February 4, 2012

From the "stuff you'll know once you read this" file...

You didn't actually think I'd shut my yap just because some windows closed, did you?

  • I can report that Ryan Nelsen was considering a return to D.C. United when Tottenham swooped in at the last minute. I can also tell you he still plans to come back to the Red-and-Black. There should be a full report up at MLSS before long.
  • You may be wondering what happens now for Ricardo Clark. I can share that he has an interest in Denmark, where the window is still open for several weeks. Those hoping he'll come back to MLS need cross their fingers tighter as that is not an open option for him at this time.
  • Nothing serious happened over Clint Dempsey at this deadline, mainly because Fulham do such a great job of scaring off interested callers... just ask Schalke for the second time in a year (wink, wink).
  • It turns out Nancy did not table an actual offer for DaMarcus Beasley last week. Whether that was a colleague's Mexican source thinking or hearing wishes, a translation misunderstanding or the club changing its mind after doing homework, I've been assured 1) there was no bid & 2) it would have been tough to complete a deal even if there had been, what with Puebla management currently in boiling water.

    However, the Ligue 1 side did call about Americans before the deadline, to no avail whatsoever. Desperate for a veteran center back, they had nobody at hello making enquiries about both Jay DeMerit and Clarence Goodson. Vancouver? Click. West Copenhagen? Click.

    Back to Da Bease... as things are, it's possible he could be back in MLS this summer. As he often is, I'm told he's up for it.
  • Remember a few days back when I used the phrase "among the clubs" regarding Sacha Kljestan watchers? Lemme tell ya, if he gets called up for the Genoa friendly, we could have an in-the-house comp seat list to rival the one compiled for Brek Shea last year.

    So, besides Fulham, who has been out to see the Anderlecht midfielder already? Let's push this list up to five by adding QPR, Reading, Real Sociedad and Villarreal.

    Don't worry - we're not done compiling here. There's more. If you* play him, they will come.

    *You = Klinsi
  • I'm all but certain I know which Eredivisie club tried to Mix Diskerud in for a trial twice. And I think I know who can tell me for sure, so I can tell you. Stay tuned, this could be important if Gent miss out on Europe again this season.

Coming soon, Jacob has the definitive all-time "table" of Americans Abroad employers. I now suspect he may be a research nerd on par with me.

- Greg Seltzer


RM said...

excellent as always.

What on eart is going on with Agudelo? sure he cant be staying at NY with all their strikers?!.

I thought Cooper for sure meant he was going to Europe.

RM said...

What on earth is going on with Agudelo? surely he cant be staying at NY with all their strikers?!

excuse the typos.

Unknown said...

There is no way QPR is looking at Sacha....he is not 30+ and on the downslope of his career.


RM said...


dont worry theyll be in the championship next year anyways :)

Michael F said...

did fulham scare off dempsey suitors by asking too much? or did they just flat out deny schalke?

Jamie said...

Thanks again, Greg, for the awesome updates.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Michael F: Fulham are asking more now than they did in summer.

dikranovich said...

no reason for ryan nelsen to go to dc united anytime before mid summer. he can join the team in the summer and be ready by playoff time. jesus, dc united are going to be massive this year.

Jay said...

Massively overestimating the market price of your players in order to scare off poachers? That's how I play it in Football Manager. Thank you, Fulham, for confirming that my managerial skills are perfect for a club in the Prem. I'll start putting together my C.V. right now... "took Crewe Alexandra to 4 EURO Champion's Cup titles in 5 seasons, 2010-2015".

Uh, is there an FM Scout for real life?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ dikranovich:

You are getting a wrong idea. The entire point of Nelsen choosing Spurs was to play Champions League ball. He has a 6-month deal with club option for another season.

In other words, if Nelsen ends up back at D.C. this summer, it means something has gone very wrong for him. I'd expect him back no sooner than next winter, if not more likely next summer.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Jay:

Hmm. I would not say they are "massively overestimating" anything. I'd say they are asking a premium price for their best player (plus typical UK price bump).

If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say Fulham are now asking about 12 million GBP. Maybe a little more.

dikranovich said...

well greg, there is no guarantee that tottenham will be playing champions league next season, especially when they lose to liverpool tomorrow.

Jay said...

Heh. Maybe you missed the joke, Greg?

But it does make the question: are Fulham pushing this nudged up price in order to scare suitors off because they have no intention of selling, or would they take the money if a club bites? Fulham let Chris Smalling go pretty fast when the transfer fee was £12M, and £12M for Deuce represents a £10M return on investment if I'm not mistaken.

SPA2TACU5 said...

of course dulham will sell.
but not mid season. they sold zamora, so they hang to their other goalscorer until the summer.

@ greg
asking twelve, wanting...?