Sunday, February 26, 2012

FYI: Genoa

Expect some new additions (not to be confused with New Edition) to be joining USMNT camp tonight.

Actually, it's kinduva bummer, because I would spring for everybody's popcorn to see Klinsi bust out "Mr. Telephone Man" with a capable backing section... ya know, because one always uses the proper tools for a job. Right? Right. Super.

Side note: My word, I can be a smartass. I'm now wondering how my parents ever survived.

- Greg Seltzer


jaredlaunius said...

Dooooooope. I assume that, if you had reliable leads on names, you'd pass them along. So I won't ask. Gimme Sacha.

Zach said...

So thats Torres, Jones, Chandler and Donovan all now out? Awesome. At least Italy didn't bring Ballotelli haha

Still won't get to see Landon and Clint together... ugh

Greg Seltzer said...

@ jaredlaunius:

I don't know any names, but I suspect a group of about five that they would come out of. If Kljestan isn't among those called, I then know my first question at Tuesday's presser.

@ Zach: Grant Wahl says Donovan may miss out, so I'm assuming that is likely now, yes. To cover him, I personally would definitely call Shea over from the Olympic team.

dikranovich said...

sacha and shea. now we can see who will play left back also. this should be fun.