Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh, I cannot take this one more second. (updated)

We get it, Sir Alex/Man United fans/simply "horrified" UK media members. Luis Suarez is the demon spawn from hell itself yada yada well you never rumble mumble concern troll you're so aghast hrrmph-n-stuff.

As if the notorious ones "Patrice Evra" shouldn't more than suffice on their own, here's two words for you: Eric Cantona.

Gamesmanship over. Cut the hysterics and let Liverpool be mad at him, it's their turn.

Ya heard.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, this is in reference to this weekend and the handshake-related fainting couches since, not the initial incident. I figured that was clear, but perhaps not, because I've had a couple emails from folks that were confused by the post.

UPDATE UPDATE: And yes, I'm more than aware that Suarez is an idiot. Not the point here.

- Greg Seltzer


Jacob Klinger said...



Greg Seltzer said...

It's really appalling they continue to do this after months have passed, pretending it's about anti-racism.

Oh wait... no, it's a handshake.

How about, oh wait... no, Patrice Evra is one of the most well-known on-field verbal abusers in England.

How about, oh wait... don't make me dig up Fergie quotes from any of a number of whacko Cantona episodes. Or Keane after the leg break. Or Rio's how long do you have?

And then you have these UK media people who said, oh no, Terry doesn't have to stop being captain just because he slept with a teammate's lady, and oh let's talk about how violent felon Joey Barton can carry on playing to praise... but now suddenly they are all feinting couches at 10 paces.

Greg Seltzer said...

I mean, am I crazy or did they not freak out more after the handshake crap than they did at the original incident?

Commander Duke Dog said...
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Phil McCracken said...

Don't have a dog in this fight as I dislike both sides equally.

Just want it to all go away.

Greg Seltzer said...

I don't dislike anyone involved, but they're all trying my patience.

And I'm not Kenny Dalglish.

Paul said...

Completely agree. What Suarez did was obviously wrong, but Man U is milking this for all it's worth. Ferguson saying Suarez "could have caused a riot." First, that would never happen. Second, if it did, I think that says more about the people rioting about 2 players not shaking hands than it does about Suarez for not shaking hands in the first place.
And how ironic is it that the media talks about how it's a shame that the on-field action was completely overshadowed by the non-handshake? Who chooses to make the non-handshake the story instead of the actual game? THE MEDIA!

Derek said...

Case and point about why I hate Sir Alex. He can say ridiculous things because he's the media darling. The fact that he is suggesting that Suarez shouldn't play for Liverpool is beyond the pale. I certainly don't excuse Suarez's behaviour but media frenzy over a handshake is a head-scratcher. There's clear video proof that Sir Alex is a hypocrite when Keane and Scholes decided not to shake Patrick Veira's hand. What a shame it must have been on United ball club.

dikranovich said...

at least john terry never won the title captain for life, then was cut from the team because a third party thought they should go tell the coach about carnal knowledge they may have been aware of.

Matt said...

Yeah, after hearing about that comment the first name that popped into my mind was "Cantona".

A whole lot of people have been getting on their high horses and thinking they know a lot more about everything than they actually do.

And why is Terry still playing anyways???

Jacob Klinger said...

For a while, England's liked to put itself on a pedestal in terms of racism, especially compared to the continental leagues and Latin America.

I'm not about to suggest a conspiracy, but it's a tougher pill to swallow for the FA to come down on the (former) England captain who's been a mainstay of the league than a relative outsider like Suarez.

Greg Seltzer said...

I think we all realize the FA is perpetually in sales mode.

Jacob Klinger said...