Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Video Tuesday

Modern Family isn't on until tomorrow night, so we need some tube to hold us over...

Taped before the rather peculiar news broke that Landon Donovan will return to the Galaxy early (adding two unnecessary long flights to his February itinerary), he speaks here about a variety of topics wearing Everton colors.

Sochaux has been kind enough to post comments from Charlie Davies following his long awaited return to their action.

Charlie Davies : comments of a comeback kid door FCSM

Bob Bradley has donated two months salary to the families of the victims at Al-Masry. In this look of the aftermath, that club's fan claim it was outside agitants - and not them - that were running riot against away fans that day.

Carlito's way has brought him back to Manchester City talking title chase. Before he returned the land of Mancini, Tevez gave his account of their famous feud that has led to his absence from the EPL leaders' selection.

<a href='http://msn.foxsports.com/video?videoid=83c9b620-9de7-4eed-a273-fe456dfeb51b&src=v5:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Exclusive: Carlos Tevez interview' >Video: Exclusive: Carlos Tevez interview</a>

With more than enough unpleasantness around the game lately, let's end on a celebratory note with CNN's discussion of Zambia's stunning African Cup of Nations triumph.

- Greg Seltzer


Michael F said...

isn't it because the merseyside derby was postponed (pool in the carling cup)? he wouldn't have been there for any other games past blackpool (i think).

Jamie said...

Bob Bradley's awesomeness and positive diplomacy in the wake of the Egypt riots has transcended soccer. What an awesome ambassador.

Phillip Goldman said...

Im sorry but i have been a will forever call landon by his not so flattering nick name "landy cakes" but even I have a hard time seeing how anyone can really hate on him. The guy has just gotten so classy as he has gotten older, I just hope whoever assumes his role as mr. reliable for the USMNT takes some notes!

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Michael F:

I have no idea. The FA Cup game with Blackpool is still one more important game than he'll play back with LA, but my main surprise was that he's given himself two extra long flights ahead of the Italy friendly. Kinda strange on the face of it.

@ Jamie:

Fully agreed.