Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Video Wednesday

Just an FYI: the resumption of my USMNT clipboard programming will continue soon, including an revised position rankings (with top threes instead of fives now) and more discussion of how the pieces fit together in the run of play. I also happen to know Will has a preseason MLS Top 5 List on the way. For now, some glowing tube...

Most of the U.S. Olympic group have gathered. Terrence Boyd, for instance, was busy scoring the winner for Borussia Dortmund II on Wednesday night and will fly over tomorrow.

I feel such shame. I go around acting like I love food, and NSC totally missed out on this episode of Come Dine With Tim Howard from a couple months back. There's no excuse.

Like sands through the hourglass... Mancini closes the Tevez saga just after their win over Porto tonight (and just after the 2-minute mark for those eager to skip to the goods).

Some of you may recall the genesis of my thoroughly-imagined, highly-childish grudge against Kyle Martino because he got to be a judge on Cupcake Wars. Part one of my evil plan was successful: some of the first round cupcakes were rather, erm... testing from a culinary standpoint. Take that, Martino! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

Finally, for anyone who's both a nostalgia freak and jonesing for the start of MLS, why not watch the first MLS Cup in its entirety? What else are you going to do? Work?

- Greg Seltzer

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