Monday, February 20, 2012

Who likes goals?

I do. I like goals. And here they are.

Even more sick than the mechanics of this Hassan Al Mohammad goal is the timing. Last minute.

Not one back-heel on this majestic exchange from Zenit. Two.

Valencia's Mehmet Topal tells Stoke to BRING ME ALL YOUR FINEST MEATS AND CHEESES.

If you can, look past the goal, which is sublime. This camera angle is awesome.

Hamis Kiiza's looper excites a man who, judging by the acoustics, is commentating from his basement.

- Will Parchman


Jay said...

Easy to get good camera angles when the camera is on a wire above the field, and especially so when the operator gets a few seconds to set it up on a free kick.

Jay said...

Also, do the Yanga SC fans like cutting off heads? That's kind of an intense reaction.

Will Parchman said...

Regardless how they did it (NFL and college football use the same cams) the FK was in a perfect place for the camera's use. Love how clearly the dull thud of boot on ball comes through too.