Monday, February 13, 2012

Whoa. - Part Deux

If you're a lifelong fan of Rangers, or just accustomed to following them for having American players, this is a rough day. The shockwaves could be plentiful

- Greg Seltzer


Phil McCracken said...

Wow, knew this day was coming, but it's still hard to believe that it's finally here.

Not a Rangers supporter, but obviously concerned for the American players there. I would have to imagine that Boca's contract is one of their bigger ones and he has 2.5 years to go, if I remember correctly.

DrewVT6 said...

Is this a ploy? If it is what would they gain from it?

My thoughts, they'll tell SFA and FIFA that they can't stay afloat in SPL and they need to be able to play in BPL like Swansea in order to stay in the black.

strago said...

Wow, I mean, I saw this coming, but still -- its a bit shocking.

Besides the 10 point deduction what is going to happen with the club? The bank is going to force the club to sell all it's best players right? Good bye Mo, Boca, and Bedoya?