Thursday, March 15, 2012

David Beckham's LA story

Any time ESPN gives a nod to... what's that you say? This is ESPNUK? Doing a bit about the most intensely scrutinized signing in MLS history? Under the mothership's nose? Ah yes, that sounds more like it. Back to Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow it is.

Anyway, this is the full monty, 47 minutes of Beckham breakdowns if you can handle/stomach it. I'm still trying to decide what it means that after years here Beckham still calls it the MLS.

- Will Parchman


Jacob Klinger said...

To be fair a lot of pundits/analysts do the same, either by accident or out of europhilia.

Will Parchman said...

I hear that. But they haven't, y'know, played in the league as one of its premier ambassadors for five years either.

Jacob Klinger said...

True that. Considering Brad Friedel talks like he was born there, the least Becks could do is toss us a "sawww-kerrr" or something.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure all of those "the MLS"s were from 07 interviews. I wouldn't be surprised if he still says "the MLS" though.

Wideboy said...

In his book, Wahl said that Beckham failed in making soccer popular in the U.S. It would be interesting to hear if his opinion has changed now that the full five years of Beckham's first contract is complete.

Will Parchman said...

I don't know that Beckham had a ton to do with it, though I know he played a part, however big or small you choose to acknowledge. Beckham has been a begrudging ally for MLS since he came into the league, sort of angrily acknowledging that his skills are contained within a league that may not even be in the world's top 10 list.

I'm not one of these Beckham haters who will write off everything he's done or says, but he's always put such massive stock in being a "professional." What that means to him now, as Landon found out, is that MLS as an entity doesn't owe him anything for playing in its league. Which is true, of course, but horribly shortsighted, egotistical and self-serving. Take that as you will, but as a fan of the league, I'll never take much of a shine to the guy. I don't expect anybody to ask me to apologize for the fact.

Will Parchman said...

Let me put it this way (do I smell a column coming on soon? Geez...)

Say your girlfriend/wife/significant other is one of those who secretly enjoys Valentines Day. She recognizes the commercialism in it, but who doesn't enjoy being feted over? So she plays off the holiday but secretly pines for something surprise-worthy, something that will get the goosebumps going. You, being a male, forget all about it and simply hope a hug gets you through the day.

No, you don't HAVE to get her anything. It's not a requirement. Nobody's telling you to do it. But you know that if you do, you'll be able to demonstrate what you feel inside, presumably something more than a hug can communicate.

So here I am with Beckham. He doesn't HAVE to go out of his way to promote MLS. He doesn't HAVE to do anything other than strap on his boots and kick a ball for 90 minutes once a week, sometimes twice. But, as an MLS fan, will you really respect him for taking $250 million from the league, holding the banner for the sport in this country and acting so nonchalant about it as to require a search committee to find his tangible contributions to what it actually means to promote the game in this country? It's not even close.

If I was MLS-as-Beckham's-girlfriend, that relationship would've ended long ago. He's a shitty partner.

Jacob Klinger said...

MLS and Beckham definitely ended the lovefest (ie branding MLS as Beckham and broke up long ago. But they both have need$. Which is why they still hook up.