Saturday, March 3, 2012

Emergency Taylor (updated)

Paderborn "joker" forward Matt Taylor hopped off the bench when the away team's top gun got hurt and bagged a pair of second half rebounds to earn a 3-0 win at Alemmania Aachen. The outburst doubled his season total to four and pushed the Bundesliga-seekers to within a point of first place.

Clip(s) to come...

UPDATE: Ta-da!

- Greg Seltzer


over there said...

Greg, any thoughts on Tim Ream's outing as a D-Mid for Bolton? I wasn't able to catch the game, but rated him a 4.0 "flop of the match."

Greg Seltzer said...

I caught about half the match and both goal sequences. There is no way in hell he was the flop of the match. No way, no day. It was a stupid idea that he obviously struggled with at times, but he wasn't too far below an average level outing.

What, pray tell, did Own Goal UK give Zat Knight?

Lampard in the End Zone said...

Born in the U-S-AAAA

Goal Jozy!

over there said...

Knight got a very English 4.5. I never saw the man turn in a serviceable performance when he was with Villa. No idea how he is still playing in the Prem.