Thursday, March 22, 2012

Extra Time: Michael Parkhurst

You know the drill: I had such a great, long chat with the FC Nordsjælland defender, that it wasn't all going to fit into yesterday's Postcard From Europe.

On how the squad discusses the possibility of a Champions League berth (since it is not a rallying cry for the team at this time):

"There's talk of it. We're all well aware of our position in the league right now... The further into the season we stay in second, the more we'll be looking to other opportunities, but top four is the main priority."

On the club's fine season and how they've done it to date:

"We're playing as a cohesive unit and a few other things are going our way. It was a really good first half of the season for us and it put us in a great position. We had a little stumble this weekend, but we're still in a good spot and we're looking to finish strong."

On how he and the other defenders manage to move around the formation and still stay so consistently tight:

"The guys up front help out a lot at the back. The trainer has us really organized. That's why, whoever's at the back, whatever position I'm playing, you know what's expected of you."

On how FCN has turned into a road warrior:

"(Our tactical approach) doesn't change. We're still going to try to play out of the back and out-possess everyone. Sometimes, when we're on the road, we actually try to possess the ball a little more, just to kill the air (in the stadium)."

On how the Sporting CP tie in the Europa League got away from them and what they took from it:

"When it went to their home, they were able to take it to another level. We hung in there, but we did a fair amount of defending. They were a step above us. But we use that experience and playing competition like that to improve ourselves, to know we can go up against teams like that and get a result and do well."

- Greg Seltzer

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