Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's time for some people to grow up.

Yes, I periodically have made jokes about Giuseppe Rossi opting to play for Italy. This ridiculousness is quite another thing altogether.

Now, I will "slap" the mess out of these people using two extremely simple and irrefutable points:

1 - Have you seen our roster lately?

2 - Most importantly, being an American precisely means that one is free to choose representing the native country of one's father - as if that was such a shocking thing to do (re-see slapping point #1).

It's doubtful this applies to many NSC readers, but let's be clear that nobody is above being told off when they act like a lunatic. From my viewpoint, since I can be told off, I thus hold the gravitas to tell off.

Right now, I am telling these people off and you all can feel free to pass the gist along to non-readers that want to act like toddlers: Cut the shit, you aren't going to do anything, so stop pretending and show some self-respect.

Cripes sakes, already.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

nothing was lower from rossi then when he went and gave an interview a couple years ago and he spoke like a pigion english. what a jerk. f him.

Greg Seltzer said...


dikranovich said...

jesus, liverpool looks awesome this morning. i guess some people just live in a fantasy bubble. i really hate listening to steve mccmanniman do liverpool games.

RobUsry said...

I don't like the guy but to attack him personally is just stupid. He did what he did, you'd think people would be able to get over it by now.

As fans we have the right to boo him or just not like him. But to take it to that level is just stupid.

Lampard in the End Zone said...

"...and he spoke like a pigion [sic] english [sic]."

Stay classy. He never strung the US along and stated he wanted to play for us, as far back as turning Bruce Arena down in 2006. Let it go.

Jacob Klinger said...

My biggest beef with Rossi was when he said he wouldn't celebrate if he scored against and then did, twice.

His choice of national team is just fine though. THOSE guys are tools.

Lampard in the End Zone said...

Jacob -
Compared to Daniel DeRossi's celebration for the second goal, Rossi's two celebrations were minimal at best. He scored two great goals, you can at least give him some liberty to hug his teammates.

Phil McCracken said...

Totally agree with Jacob, I always rooted for Rossi until his celebration of those two goals. It was way over the top.

That said, people threatening him on Twitter and setting up anti-Rossi Facebook pages is just plain dumb. Those people need to get a grip.

Bryan said...

Guiseppe Rossi made it clear from the beginning that he always wanted to represent Italy...he never once led American fans along and said he might play for the USA. He has Italian parents, grew up in an Italian home and went back to Italy around the age of 14. I've been beating this drum for years - people are free to make their own decisions, and it so happened he ended up being good enough to play for Italy.

It all reminds me of those embarrassing Preston Zimmerman quotes of players on our current national team. Apparently you aren't "American enough" if your father represented our country's military. Give me a break...

heythisisrobbie said...

Yeah, everybody feel sorry for Rossi...America's best hope at World Cup.

No one would care about Rossi if he wasn't such an arrogant prick on ESPN covers or celebrating goals against his native country.

Personally I hope he has the best club career he could possible have and karma keeps preventing him from playing for Italy in a major tournament.

heythisisrobbie said...

That being said, there is no reason to threaten him on social media.

Greg Seltzer said...

Who cares? He missed out, not us. We don't need him.

And even if we did, he has a right to live how he prefers, just like me. I sure as hell don't feel any need live by other people's standards of what I'm "supposed to do" or say, thus creating my own displeasure. And I'm a bigmouth 42-year-old trying to learn a side flip that doesn't use an alarm clock and eats five or six "snack meals" a day instead of three squares. What am I gonna say to Rossi?

dikranovich said...

if i every saw ghole rossi, id want to let him know that living in jersey suits him. little wanna be pretender.

greg, speaking of pretending, how can you act like fabian johnson did not tear it up at LB? i mean, come on dude, that aint cool. have you seen the replay of the game yet? i know sometimes, live does not give you as good a vantage point.

Greg Seltzer said...

Live does not give you good vantage point! I can die now, I've heard everything.

I posted a link to my ratings, which I feel said it all, but if you have a specific question or point to proffer, hit me with it *on that thread* so everyone can follow along properly.

As for Rossi, get over yourself. And I say that as a pal, not as a critic. Life is short.

dikranovich said...

greg, the people have spoken at your rating for johnson was met with deep skepticism. and the people at that site reading your rating are not privy to our conversations here.

so, is a 6.5 over 77 minutes, is that equal to or less than an 8.0 over 13 minutes, in your time weighted rating system?

Greg Seltzer said...

Again, can you please post that all on the related thread?

Desert Rat said...

First of all, Giuseppe Rossi made the right decision.

If you were an aspiring footballer had the right to choose between an aspiring, second tier national team (which is what the US is), and a world power, that in any given two year cycle is a serious threat to win the European Championship or World Cup, and you were good enough to start on that team? You'd bolt to Italy in a second.

It's also worth noting that what goes around comes around. The rise of the US Mens team in the 1990's did see a lot of homegrown talent, but it also saw a lot of European born children of US expats (especially former armed servicemen) who chose to play for the US rather than the country they were born in.

If you didn't turn the services of Jermaine Jones (who spoke not a lick of English until recently, and was born in Germany) down, how can you attack Giuseppe Rossi for doing the same thing in reverse for Italy?

RM said...


from what i understand, The Italians booed the USA national anthem during the prematch cermemonies on wednesday.

Is this really a country we should feel happy to see him representing?

Greg Seltzer said...

This wasn't like a compare/contrast weighing decision about soccer, it was about his dad's country. I am not going to hate someone over that, let alone for however many years now, let alone two days after we won at Italy, let alone by making public threats of violence with a baseball bat.

Greg Seltzer said...


from what i understand, The Italians booed the USA national anthem during the prematch cermemonies on wednesday."

Where did you understand this from? That is blatantly false. They cheered our anthem quite politely.

Greg Seltzer said...

Besides, this is not about what country we have to see him representing. It's about his right to do as he please, like any other American, and everyone else can just deal with it.

RM said...

Theres a link on gazetta dello sports english section even mentioning it.

if you click on the english section you'll be able to find the match report fairly easily.

Maybe you just didnt notice it.

RM said...

The booing at the game i mean.

Not the match report.

Greg Seltzer said...

I heard nothing of the sort. Nothing. I heard plenty of applause. That's what I can tell you personally. If people booed, it was drowned out by cheers where I stood.

dikranovich said...

greg, i think you are confusing the person who would make threats of violence, with the person who feels let down that a fellow american "chose" to go with the country of his fathers birth.

the fact that he pretended to have trouble speaking english in an interview just added salt to the wound. thus far, usa fans have laughed louder. we will see who laughs last.

Greg Seltzer said...

"greg, i think you are confusing the person who would make threats of violence, with the person who feels let down that a fellow american "chose" to go with the country of his fathers birth."

No, I'm not. When I refer to violent threats, I am only linking my commentary to the people who made violent threats. I figured that was clear.

"the fact that he pretended to have trouble speaking english in an interview just added salt to the wound."

Wound??? Lighten up, Francis.

"thus far, usa fans have laughed louder. we will see who laughs last."

Then why does anyone care anymore?

Nedwell said...

There IS a difference between verbal bat-waving and disliking.

Those of us who aren't making b.s. troll-threats against Rossi have a perfect (American) right to tell how we don't admire the guy and how he fails to meet our personal standards of sportsmanship and/or patriotism.

You might view us as wrong, and that's what blog commenting is all about.

Of course, all this spleen-venting keeps the blog interesting. ;^)

Greg Seltzer said...

I don't care what anyone wants to call it, that was a threat of violence. I invite anyone to be a public figure of some kind and have such things - it's not like it's never happened that threats become acts.

Beyond that, I don't believe I stated anyone should admire Rossi. And I made no reference to his sportsmanship, other than that I don't even pay attention to it. Could not care less. Long since moved on, glad he's with them. We have our team, he has his.

heythisisrobbie said...

You're holier than thou, Greg. We get it. You used the story about the few idiots making empty threats at Rossi as a way to condemn all of the Rossi haters out there.

If he doesn't want to play for us, fine. But to try to rub it in with arrogant magazine articles (which turned out to be downright hilarious)and ridiculous celebrations makes me hate the guy.

He's the soccer version of Lebron...he has no clue how is actions or comments look to the outside world.

"America's best hope at the World Cup." Lols. I can't imagine his Pops being too proud of that moment.

Greg Seltzer said...

"You used the story about the few idiots making empty threats at Rossi as a way to condemn all of the Rossi haters out there."

You need to re-read it. I repeatedly refer to "these people".

"If he doesn't want to play for us, fine. But to try to rub it in with arrogant magazine articles (which turned out to be downright hilarious)and ridiculous celebrations makes me hate the guy."

Hate him all you like. Unless, you make such remarks to him personally over the internet, I'm not referring to you in this post.

Greg Seltzer said...

And by the way... if you think I come at an angle to act like I'm saying one thing when I'm really saying another, you haven't been paying attention to how I talk. I just come right out and say what I think up front.

jaredlaunius said...

It's really easy, I think, to make harsh comments about someone who did what Rossi did. And it shouldn't be. Personal identification and the cognitive/emotional paths to it are deeply personal and, thus, we are really in no place, I don't think, to call him a traitor, etc. and CERTAINLY in no place to turn to pithy insults and physical threats. Of course it's easy for someone to say, "If I were him, I'd play for the US." But they're not him. Nowhere near it, actually. How would you like thousands of strangers who have only a superficial knowledge of who you are, what you're about, etc. making incredibly strong, harsh criticism about your personal decisions?

Part of being human, I think, is understanding differences without really understanding them, if that makes any sense. I'd love to see a talent like Rossi suit up for the US as much as the next guy, but he doesn't want to. That's a personal thing. His Italian heritage means a lot to him, he's never wavered in it, yeah he celebrated when he scored against us – OF COURSE HE DID THEY WERE GREAT GOALS FOR HIS NATIONAL TEAM I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME – and he even congratulated the US after the win Wednesday.

I'm with you, Greg. Live and let live. And let's all try to get over it, please.

dikranovich said...

jared, live and let live does not win you world cups. it might get you quarterfinals or something like that.

getting down and dirty wins world cups, im sorry to have to say this, but i think everybody already knows this.

really, the usa looks like they are italys boogey team anyway.

jaredlaunius said...


See, this is that interesting conversion of sport and person. It's a messy topic because part of what makes sports so great is that they are so personal. And I get that. I root for the US because this is my home, my culture. I like to think the guys who wear that strange new kit bleed, sweat and cry USA like I do. I get that. And I realize you can't talk about Rossi's situation without dipping into the murky waters of personal identification, patriotism, etc.

But here's my problem: we spend waaaaay too much time focusing on the micro. We care so much about the decisions of individual players – Rossi, Subotic, Movsiviyan, Jones, Johnson, Williams, Boyd, etc. Winning a World Cup – especially right now, when we're sooooo far away that one or two players going one way or another wouldn't make much of a difference – is all about how we develop players in this country. It's a macro thing, not a micro. People would rather spend time bitching about Rossi playing for Italy than bitching about our inability to develop and coach in this country. And that's my problem. We could overcome the loss of the Rossis, Subotics, etc. – and we will do so – once our player development standards and structures are on par with the rest of the world. I think too many people are focusing on just the nose of the proverbial Mona Lisa, to use a really, really bad metaphor.

This has all gotten too negative for me, anyway. I just don't get desecrating and attacking a human over something silly like sports. Sure, maybe Giuseppe Rossi isn't the type of guy you'd want to get a beer with or be the best man at your wedding, but who cares? He made a decision. Let it go.

jaredlaunius said...

Also – bully for everyone here for great discussion. Smart people who have smart conversations about a great sport in a great country. Love this.

dikranovich said...

jared, this should be the new topic in the us soccer ranks. we will never win a world cup if we do not believe we can win.

it is a fact, every team that has ever won anything, they believed they could do it. its hard when the fans aspire to quarterfinals and something, anything less than winning.

jared, could you not feel it when rossi stepped up on the sideline during the confederations cup. it was a double substitution and it was double trouble for the usa. the players were scared to see one of their own on the sidelines, for the other team.

usa either gets the better of rossi, or rossi gets the better of the usa. he will get two more world cups probably, and it is a good chance that usa and italy will meet again in the next years.

live and let live is bound to get the usa a big fat L next time we meet. dont worry, michael bradley, he takes it personally, so does dempsey, and so do more and more players in the usa setup.

believe me jared, when fabian johnson does the business against germany in an important game, or joe corona torches mexico. come on people. if you saw the u/23 usa mexico game, you know very well, mexico did not like playing against the mexican americans who were suited up for the usa.

UnitedDemon said...

eRossi's career has come to a screeching halt due to injuries. He might recover, but I for one am glad we're not utterly reliant on this guy as our forward, which we would be. So far, he's never even played in a world cup. He's not particularly valued for the Azurri relative to his ability, and Mario has eclipsed him anyway.

You want Rossi to suffer, you might want to check reality.

bryan579 said...

GUYS, GUYS!! Remember that time Rossi would have played in two World Cups already? ....Wait, what's that?? Oh, he didn't make Italy's 2006 or 2010 team like he would have made USA's?? WAIT, but I thought he scored goals against us in the 2009 Confed Cup?!?! Wait, that didn't count??

In all seriousness, let the little guido pretend he's from Italy and live his life...He knows he'll never be accepted by anybody who knows soccer in America, so let him be. There was Benedict Arnorld, and now to a million times lesser extent, but almost as deplorable after how big his ego got after he scored goals against us there is Benedict Rossi. (Hopefully he didn't go to Italy before he learned what that reference meant).

Brant said...

Why can't we just let it go, he chose Italy, let it be.

I can honestly say that if I was in a situation where I was good enough and could have made the choice between two countries, I may have been able to qualify for England due to a maternal grandmother, it would have been a though decison to make.

It is obvious he never identified himself as American, let him live his life and lets just support he guys that chose to play for the USA.