Sunday, March 4, 2012

"You keep using that word. I think that word means exactly what you think it means."

Hello... my name is Deuce Montoya. You keel my fadder. Prepare to concede a pair. Yes, ho hum, in Fulham's weather-stripping 5-0 rout of Wolverhampton, Clint Dempsey scored (yawn) - and then again. The goal monster now has (best sit down for this one):

- 12 EPL goals, matching last year's career high, and 18 overall
- 14 goals in his last 18 games for club and country
- Eight during Fulham's seven-game home unbeaten run with six wins
- A career 45 in EPL play and 55 overall for Fulham
- And finally (I think), has reached seventh in the EPL goal chart

And to all those who like to say "Oh, but he couldn't start for a big club" I ask: Why the hell not exactly? Of course, he could.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Red-hot Dempsey keeps on scoring' >Video: Red-hot Dempsey keeps on scoring</a>

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- Greg "Give Deuce his rightful goal" Seltzer


Grant said...

Greg Seltzer said...

Thank you, sir.

Jay said...

I know this is supposed to be all "Whoa Dempsey Dempsey" and such, but, uh, how smart is that Pogrebnyak purchase looking for Fulham?

RobUsry said...

I like how today he was true to his song. He scored with his left and scored with his right.

Although the song needs a new punchline.

Jacob Klinger said...

Well I guess most goal-scorers make Torres look shite, so that's out.

The Middle Man said...

Dempsey or Torres? I know which one I'd rather have playing in my team right now.


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