Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And Whoomp! There it is. (updated)

It took all of three minutes for Jozy Altidore to head the Cheese Farmers ahead at home to Twente for his 12th in the Eredivisie and 16th overall. The visitors have since equalized. Good guy highlights to come.

And for the rest of you 'working' for the weekend, ESPN3 is the place to be.

UPDATE: Make it two for Jozy and a 2-1 lead for AZ. This time, he worked a give-and-go before using a bit of skill to fire home. Clip(s) to come...

UPDATE UPDATE: Benschop blew a couple chances for AZ after Jozy was subbed off and Twente equalized in the 90th minute. Clip(s) still to come, but we've got Jozy's post-match interview to keep you busy

I bring you the goods with Jozy in the spotlight at 0:15, 1:07 and 2:25

-Jacob Klinger


Jolazo said...

Anyone else notice Jozy's going Friedal with his accent?

jon said...

Yeah, towards the end of the interview. Although, I think it's a different thing than Friedel's accent change. I've noticed the same thing (as Jozy) with M. Bradley over the years where a weird quasi-accent comes out of his mouth when talking to the local press in English. Shoot, you might notice it happening to yourself if you speak with a non-native English speaker for long enough.

Will Parchman said...

I think your English changes a bit when you get in the habit of speaking another language at any length. You begin to elongate certain words and emphasize certain syllables you didn't before. If you listen especially to Bradley now, he sounds like he's almost over-enunciating some things. It does sound a little snobby, but whaddayagonnado?

And then there's Friedel. Who owns his own category.