Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For all you club hackers out there...

...I am here to provide you with a new, fervent rooting interest for the 2012 US Open Cup.

Martyn Artista's brace guided Northern California club outfit Stanislaus United Turlock Express past Napoli 5-2 and just a breath from qualifying for the 99th USOC. If they do it, which requires they beat NPSL side Bay Area Ambassadors, it would be US Club Soccer's first-ever participant in the USOC.

US Club Soccer is the lowest tier in America's five-tier soccer pyramid, sharing space with the United States Adult Soccer Association. NPSL is on the fourth tier, and the furthest an NPSL team has advanced in the USOC is into the third round. A far cry from our fifth-tier brethren.

Our teams play at Richmond High School (yep) in Richmond, Calif. on Saturday for the right to advance. Get your SUTE scarves up.

- Will Parchman


jon said...

Does US Club Soccer place an entrant into this type of play-in game every time and SUTE won the right to be in it this time? Or is it a new wrinkle in this years version of USOC qualifying?

An NPSL team previously advancing as far as the 3rd round sounds pretty good for a 4th tier side, no? Or did I misunderstand?

Will Parchman said...

As far as I can tell, that USOC qualifying extends down to the fifth tier in this particular case is a new development. NPSL was awarded 6.5 berths in the USOC this year, with the half berth team (Bay Area Ambassadors in this case) forced to play a play-in game against a sole selection from US Club Soccer. If you want to get really intricate, USCS held a tournament to determine its rep for the aforementioned play-in game, which SUTE ultimately won. The conclusion of that tournament was the win over Napoli, but there were two wins prior to that in group play.

And yeah, getting a fourth-tier side into the third round is a solid effort. More than solid, really.

Andy said...

I had to forward this one to my wife. She grew up in Hughson, not too far from Turlock.