Monday, April 16, 2012

Go on, act like you're not excited.

Will's mentioned it, we've all felt it. Mexico's been running CONCACAF and it hurts.

Between the minimes and the legends, there hasn't been much to cheer about if you're a fan of the US of A, but those two teams? They got this.

Around 10,000 fans packed the Home Depot Center where Ian Feuer, a journeyman goalkeeper who was pinned behind the greatness of Friedel, Keller and Meola for most of his career apparently stood on his head for most of the game.

The USA Legends subbed on and off freely in the first 35-minute half while Mexico dominated play with its first XI. The match was played to raise money for Hispanic college scholarships, but by all indications the players were not out there to just have fun. Sadly, there was a halftime scuffle between a small contingent of American fans and their Mexican counterparts. Over a dozen were ejected.

On a mostly brighter note, John O'Brien (sigh) crossed to Roy Lassister in the 50th minute and Eric Wynalda assisted on a 61st minute 22-yard blast from none other than Brian McBride. Just over ten minutes later the referee blew the final whistle. The scoreboard should have surprised nobody:

USA 2-0 Mexico.

- Jacob Klinger

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