Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The good, the bad and Mexico

Just a few things I caught in my daily crawl around the series of tubes that is the interwebs ...

The Good
FC Nurnberg signed Timothy Chandler to a two-year extension. The deal has him all signed up to be there until the summer of 2015, but I guess we'll see about that. As we well know, Chandler had his fair share of suitor(s), though his loyalty to the club that gave him his Bundesliga debut just over a year ago seems to have won out for now.

Why is this good? FCN is a solidly mid-table club where he plays regularly in the best bang-for-buck league in the world. Sehr gut!

The Bad
It looks like the US national team will start this summer's friendlies without Danny Williams. The Hoffenheim (central!) midfielder suffered a partial tear of a shoulder muscle while pumping some iron.

Word on the street, by which I mean a statement from the club, is he'll be out four to six weeks.

The Mexico
The head of the disciplinary commission at the Mexican federation spoke out against Christian Benitez and Matias Vuoso faking a kiss after Benitez scored the winner for Club America over Beasley's Puebla on Sunday.

The two players are currently rejoicing in the infinite mercy the federation has shown them by not punishing them for such a celebration, but the club will be receiving a grumpy little letter from Alfonso Sabater.

Sabater condemned the players for setting a bad example for children. What a god-awful joke!

You can see the offense in question right below starting around 1:20:

- Jacob Klinger


UnitedDemon said...

Call me crazy, but I view Williams injury in a positive light, in that JK has to start an actual winger in place of Williams. This might even help Gomez earn some minutes there, though JK seems to not value pure attacking options on that wing.

Jolazo said...

I'd hope that Landon will finally be in camp and make that RM/RW spot a non-issue, but you never know.

Jacob Klinger said...

@UnitedDemon I hear ya from a practical standpoint, but at the same time I'd like to have as much talent in that camp as possible.

Plus, you never know, Edu could be caught up in some transfer red tape, Jones could do something really stupid again and then we'd just have to hope Klinsmann plays Bradley over Beckerman again!

@Jolazo Yes please.