Monday, April 16, 2012

An MLS apology

So my weekend was spent in a single press box covering six (six! seis! sechs!) soccer games in two (two! dos! zwei!) days, none (none! hell you get it) of which were MLS games, sadly. My sixth game, perhaps just to spite me, went into overtime. That's 17 hours in a press box in a 31-hour span. Yes, I counted. My head hurts.

So it goes without saying that my MLS-watching abilities this weekend were slightly askew. Read: nonexistent. So I'm taking a break from covering MLS this weekend in the interest of my sanity. I'll never tire of the game, but I do have limits. And they got a nice workout this weekend. Fear not, for the Grinder (the full Grinder) will be back next weekend, coinciding neatly with Greg's return. In the meantime, I'll set you up here with a few of the weekend's highlight gems in video form.

As a brief aside, raise your hands (both, dammit) if you've read Bill Buford's Among The Thugs. I had, but not in maybe 10 years, and I picked it up at random at a book shop the other day to refresh my memory. Such brilliance, such nostalgia. It's not that I think the sharp-knuckled terrace culture needs to be brought back, but I do think something has been lost in the translation to all-seaters and mega-rich owners and super-sized grounds. Working class fans are slowly being priced out of the game (and this isn't just soccer), which breeds complacency and dreaded corporate fans, leeches of the highest order. I would love to see some blue-cool medium between the scrubbed-clean, bored, bemused aesthetic you find at probably half the MLS games on an average weekend and the dangerous fervor that Buford mines. It's probably in Portland somewhere.

But I digress violently. Never done that before, eh?

- Will Parchman

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Jacob Klinger said...

April 21, 2011: I stand up at the beginning of DC United-RBNY, ya know, 'cause I was stoked. I was asked to sit down my a mother and her two daughters behind me sporting various Henry jerseys.

Later that same evening I was shhh-ed for heckling Henry after suggesting that he, in so many words, was an individual not respecting the laws of the game.

0-4 :(