Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A regular Bridge-busting frolic

Brilliant. You know I'm wearing my Chels top at work today.

Possession numbers: horridly lopsided. Chances: the ball was basically colored the shade of the Barca players' boots by game's end. But thank God for London weather, Messi's 5-second burst of humanity after an ungraceful split at the tail end of the first half and a cyborg striker named Didier Drogba.

If anybody honestly thought Barca deserved to win, God disagreed. Pedro's stoppage-time shot rooster-tailed rainwater, clanked off the post and all of west London knew 1-0 was supposed to happen. Whatever transpires at the Nou Camp, this was one to remember. Sign Robbie up, Roman.

- Will Parchman


Anonymous said...

I think the most honest thing you wrote in this post was the part about the Chelsea hat.
Last night's match was the definition of lucky is better than being good. The only reason didn't lose was because of poor finishing.
Two missed sitters, two good/great saves from Cech, a shots off the woodword and a clearance off the line - all by Barcelona, and Chelsea had one shot on goal.
But go on pretending Chelsea really accomplished something besides catching Barca on a bad night and the weather working in your favor.

Will Parchman said...

You DON'T think beating Barca in the CL (the first team in the last 16 tries to do so), shutting out a team that had averaged three goals per game in the competition and scoring with less than 40 percent possession is an accomplishment? You don't think taking an aggregate edge back to Barcelona is impressive? No away goals to Barcelona isn't impressive?

You don't think that's an accomplishment? Beating one of the best club teams to ever exist? What rock are you living on?

Will Parchman said...

I would also like a pat on the back for composing an entire comment in question form.

Anonymous said...

I don't think its an accomplishment because they didn't do anything. They lucked out, that's all.
If we were talking about that infamous game at the Bridge a few years ago, than yes, they actually did something.
Chelsea were lucky enough to play in a deluge and catch Barcelona on a bad night - that's it.
Just my opinion.
And the rock I live on - definitely not colored blue.

Micah said...

If Chelsea play that way at the Nou Camp they will get crushed. Honestly it reminded me of the USA v Spain game at the Confederations Cup. A lot of luck going on in that game. Unfortunately for Chelsea, this wasn't a one off game.

Timmy said...

I'd give Chelsea a bit more credit than Felix. Yes, it takes some luck to beat a team as good as Barca, but it also takes an amazing commitment to team defending. There was a reason Chelsea didn't have a shot on target in the second half - they had 11 guys behind the ball for the last 30 minutes+...when the ball was in the final 3rd, Drogba was about 35 yards from goal.

Even when Chelsea stretched for a counter, everyone got back in to position before Barca could take advantage. It was an impressive defensive performance (aided by weather), but not the most enjoyable of games to watch in my opinion.

Will Parchman said...

If they didn't do anything, as you suggest, Ashley Cole wouldn't have knocked clear Fabregas' goal. JT and Ivo wouldn't have cleared off shot after shot. If Chelsea did NOTHING, which is an absurd statement rooted in nothing in particular, Drogba wouldn't have scored. It honestly reminded me a lot more of Jose Mourinho's semifinal against Barca with Inter.

I'm not saying Barca wasn't the better team, because anybody with eyes could see they were. But what does that matter? A stingy defense, an opportunistic goal and a ton of bad finishing from Barca and here we are. A confluence of a lot of things and Chels are 1-0 up to Barcelona. Could anybody have envisaged a better realistic result for the Blues? Probably not.

Will Parchman said...

I wager Felix is a Spuds fan.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "nothing" is harsh - I'll concede that.
However, I was already irritated reading the typically pro-EPL anything press praising Chelsea and Di Matteo's gameplan. What plan? Hoping Barca forget how to score for a day????
Barca had a bad day, and Chelsea were the lucky recipients of that. I won't back down from that statement, and outside of staying very compact and organized, I wouldn't get carried away with praising the Blues. If I was a Chelsea fan, all I would do was say "whew" and hope lightning can strike twice.
FYI, I'm no Spurs, Barca or any Euro side fan.

Phil McCracken said...

I love when people get all bent out of shape about a result that they thought was "lucky". Anyone who follows the sport understands that these things happen all of the time and when they do, you have to give credit to the winning side.

For the record, I hate both teams, but Chelsea gave themselves at least a shot at advancing with last night's result. Sure, Barca could tear them a new one inside of 20 mins at the Camp Nou, but just one Chelsea road goal could give Barca a mountain to climb.

Anonymous said...

I do understand that luck is part of the sport. When the US beat Spain, as was alluded before, there was definitely luck involved.
However, I don't give a ton of credit to Chelsea because of the ton of luck that went their way. We are talking about two missed sitters, two shots of the woodword, two good/great saves from Cech, and a clearance of the line, as well as a few legitimate chances that were missed period (Puyol's glancing header for instance).
A side with the amount of talent they possess (let's not pretend we're talking about a 3rd division side here) defended w/ 10 and even 11 men behind the ball and generated only 1 chance.
IMO, this win by Chelsea had little to do with their play and A LOT to do with the play of Barcelona.

dikranovich said...

who do you guys think has a tougher second game, bayern in the bernebaeu, or chelsea in the nou camp? chelsea got very lucky in the first game and i dont think that is so much the sense from the munich win. so much intrigue, what if chelsea win it and beat jose to do so, or a robben, messi final, or my god, el grande classico. its one of those years where you cant go wrong

Jacob Klinger said...

Chelsea's athleticism and grit > Barca's everything in terms of achieving the goal that is winning a soccer game. Good bounces don't hurt, but their guys made the plays they had to.