Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sporting Crush City

This is just getting absurd.

Here we all thought LA was poised to be the best MLS team since DC's early run and suddenly SKC is out to, by far, the best start in league history. And LA is in eighth in the West sandwiched between Vancouver and Portland. West Coast represent.

Speaking of LA, this is cool.

DC also dropped a horribly disappointing two points at home to Montreal on Wednesday. Anyone else think DeRo is playing out of position? I do. MLS Live lists DC's formation as a 4-4-2 diamond with DeRo partnering with Chris Pontius (?) up top, Branko in the creative midfielder role, DeLeon and Najar as the wide points and Kitchen sitting deep. I wouldn't be psyched about that. DeLeon's fiery start complicates matters by crowding the midfield, but I would scoot DeRo back if I'm Ben Olsen. Whatever the case, something should be done because nine points from seven games with this crew isn't cutting it.

UPDATE: And Rafa gets his hand slap. This will change... ah... nothing.

- Will Parchman


Jacob Klinger said...

Couldn't agree more re: DeRo. It actually induces feelings of sadness watching him wasted up top.

UnitedDemon said...

De Ro playing up top was Olsen trying to get something out of Boskovic. But, as Branko keeps reminding us, he's got nothing left to give.

Jacob Klinger said...

Yeah, it's always sad watching a guy's career fade away.