Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is fast becoming a habit with youze guys.

It's certainly not official and the club won't name its winner for another month, but you may wish to notice an interesting tidbit from the largest Rangers fan forum Player of the Year voting. In a new poll open through the end of April, Carlos Bocanegra is lapping the field, seemingly headed to a landslide win from the diehard supporters.

You can continue to follow it here, where Cpt. 'Los America has 151 of the first 338 votes. His 44.8% easily outdistances winter arrival Some Aluko, who has about 18% support for the award. Midfielder Steven Davis, the league POTY finalist who many fans want replaced as skipper by Bocanegra, has just seven ballots cast for him so far.

When is the last time the fans' MVP did not win the official trophy? Not sure yet, I need to check. If he does capture it in the end - and fully presuming Clint Dempsey repeats with Fulham - it would give us "bloody Americans" four such UK honors over the last two seasons and eight (also including Brad Friedel, Stuart Holden, Eddie Lewis, Brian McBride and Frank Simek) over the past decade.

- Greg Seltzer

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Desert Rat said...

Carlos is just solid, and dependable...wherever they play him on the backline. He's been a great national team player, and a pretty solid club player for the most part.

Nice to see him get some recognition for it.