Thursday, May 17, 2012

Juan Agudelo busts up the block *UPDATED*

This is what playing time looks like
Juan Agudelo is going to LA. Heath Pierce is going to NY. Big gulps, eh?

This, to me, shot not out of left field but out of outer space. For those of us monitoring Danny Califf's situation in Philly, ready to pounce on another strange twist in Peter Nowak's career in the city of bro-ed out love, the idea of Juan Agudelo entering the fray didn't even register. Everybody knew New York needed back line help badly, but it seemed for a time that Philly was first in line in trade talks with Chivas. And all had been quiet on the Agudelo front for some time. Judging by NY's history there, they were more than willing to let the youngster rot on the bench with the possibility, faint as it was, that a young supertalent might one day supplant a rotating cast of signees. And then they keep signing.

This is a win-win for both sides, which is generally a rarity in man-for-man trades. Agudelo is sure to feature heavily for the Goats, and somewhere Jurgen Klinsmann is smiling. I'm still not quite understanding why Soler and Backe saw fit to deal off Agudelo right as Henry goes down and he has more opportunity to feature than ever, but they clearly saw the need at CB as more pressing than the need at striker with Kenny Cooper's incendiary scoring streak providing the fuel for New York's four-game winning streak. If they weren't willing to hand the keys to Agudelo now, they were never going to do it. Shame, but NY will finally be able to give a sharp boost to its moribund defense.

And New York gets a few sweeteners if Agudelo ever explodes.

According to Fox Soccer, New York will receive a substantial amount of allocation money for the forward and will also get large percentage of any transfer fee involved in the future. So even if Agudelo moves to Europe in the future, the Red Bulls will receive a significant amount of the transfer fee. 

But Chivas, not New York, is the story of this trade. With the Califf swap still floating on the cloud of possibility and the Galaxy still plummeting to the bottom of the West with a cinder block tied to their ankles, things could get interesting this summer. The last year or so has been rough on Agudelo. Despite spots of positive form, he's been idling on the bench, which is a tough place to be when your USMNT competition is busy banging in goals from all angles in the Eredivise. What Robin Fraser (likely) provides is immediate playing time and copious amounts of it. Pairing with JPA could be the best thing to happen to Agudelo. And with World Cup qualifying just around the corner, the timing is ideal.

Keep your ear to the ground. Interesting doings in the city of angels these days.

UPDATE: And here comes Danny Califf, acquired literally minutes after posting. Michael Lahoud had featured in just two games for Chivas this year. I'd like to think Goats fans are more than a little excited today. I cannot say the same for Philly fans.

- Will Parchman


Matt said...

Well, now NYRB can bring in Nesta since Agudelo has cleared out.

No worries NY, Kenny cooper is sure to be hot for the long haul and there is no way Henry and Nesta could have anything but the best of effects on a locker room while competing for time.

As a DC fan, I only say hahahahahaha....

Will Parchman said...

Just keeping it interesting for all of us onlookers.

A haughty Italian, a douchey Mexican and a pissed off Frenchman up the spine? What ever could go wrong?!?

KO said...

Will--brilliant. I would go with "petulant Frenchman," but I think you are otherwise spot on.