Thursday, May 3, 2012

Montero with a bullet

And, ladies and gents, we have our first real goal of the year frontrunner. Seattle's own Fredy Montero makes a flash appearance with a thunderclap from on high to set the final score at 2-0 in a tone-setting win over the Galaxy.

Watching this game tonight made me wonder whether Bruce Arena conceded defeat before the opening whistle blew. The striker tandem of Adam Cristman and Chad Barrett was, I'm fairly sure, worth negative goals. Arena had Mike Magee and Edson Buddle on the bench but opted to play neither until about halfway through the second half. Marcelo Sarvas looks slow and pops too many lifeless half-shots from 30 yards. The defense (Arena started the game with five defenders!) was shaky and unsure, and I generally felt bad for Landon Donovan, who, aside from an overworked Juninho who was forced to overcook passes to get them to slow-footed forwards, looked to be about the only player doing anything resembling a dangerous move. LA has problems. Big ones.

As for Seattle, holy crap is Fredy Montero good when he wants to be. That last caveat, however, is the thing to monitor. This follows a predictable pattern for the Colombian. He starts off the year cold, hits a hot spell and then is inconsistent the rest of the way. The only thing that really matters is that he flips the switch in the postseason, which he hasn't really done yet. I was moderately impressed by Eddie Johnson, though I thought Bill Gaudette bungled a ripe save opportunity on Johnson's second goal in as many games. Johnson is still guilty of what he's always been guilty of, that being his propensity to take too much on himself rather than picking his head up and sweeping the box for options. On one goal opportunity he dumped a silly shot into the side netting from an impossible angle with trailing goal-poachers in the box, and on another he squared up his defender one-on-one and just took too long. He obviously thinks highly of his skill set, which can be good. But passes are good too.

And Kasey Keller... why? He has a solid broadcast voice, but he A.) Purposely mispronounced David Junior Lopes' name all night because he knew a baseball player who pronounced it Lowpse instead of Lo-pez, like Lopes actually pronounces it. Uh, okay dude. And B.) Because he's such an obvious Sounders homer that he can't quit shouting for Marcelo Sarvas' second yellow or about how stupid Arena is or about how beautiful Mauro Rosales' mane is and yadda yadda... Although I'd have to agree on that last bit. Was nice to see the set piece behemoth go 70 without much trouble. Scary times ahead if Seattle keeps this pace.

- Will Parchman


brian said...

keepers boots filled with rocks or what?

Will Parchman said...

I'll go with the "what" option.

brian said...

not taking anything away from the shot, but that keeper looks to have a 2" vertical.

Will Parchman said...

It's nearly impossible to react adequately to a shot of that magnitude. Not saying Gaudette is Petr Cech or anything, but the speed, angle and trajectory of the shot renders that a mighty difficult shot to save. Not impossible, but nearly so in goal terms. I think at times we have a tendency to nitpick at incredible goals because we've become so desensitized to them. We see them all the time. Rest assured, Montero deserves credit for the goal rather than Gaudette deserving admonishment for not saving it.

brian said...

i see a shot from 35 yrds out that goes over a keepers head when he is standing inside his own 6 yrd box. sure it was a rocket shot, but he had time to react, but he was too slow. its not like he was screened or the shot took a deflection or had some nasty cisse bend on it… IMO he should have gotten a hand on that to turn it over the bar. i was by far more impressed by both of cisse's goals yesterday - they were technically better and beat a proven world class keeper

Will Parchman said...

We'll just have to agree to disagree. I think it's a far more difficult thing than you're making it out to be.