Monday, May 28, 2012

Terrence Boyd, A Goodie Saga

This mini-serial has a new episode today. The exposition points:
  • Thanks to sources, I can now definitively confirm that there will be no loan spell for hot USMNT topic Terrence Boyd. Borussia Dortmund have decided they are amply stocked with strong prospects at that position. They are only accepting buy offers and he will definitely be leaving the Bundesliga champs this summer.
  • So does that mean loan bidders and Europa league entrants Rapid Vienna are no longer in the race? Honestly, I do not yet know. It's not just a holiday in America this fine Monday, but also one in Europe, so I'll try to dig into this aspect tomorrow. What I do know is that they could spring a few hundred thousand Euros on a player if they really wanted to.
  • Finally, last week, I reported one Boyd suitor had moved into serious talks. Now, we have multiple clubs getting serious. I don't have any new club names to divulge, but at least one of the latecomers will play in the Bundesliga this coming season.
Today's cliffhanger? I'm told he could have a new employer by the weekend. Stay tuned...

- Greg Seltzer


RobUsry said...

I have a feeling Fortuna Dusseldorf could be the team. I'm not sure which place would be better for him. For selfish reasons I'd rather see him in the Bundesliga.

dikranovich said...

i guess dusseldorf is trying to stock up on american strikers.

SCR1899 said...

com to vienna terrence and enjoy the best fans in the world!