Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yeah, you can have the PFFFT Team of the Year... we've got a Neville brother on our side.

Now a rising star pundit on Sky, former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has tabbed his Team of the Season with a familiar name in the side. Below, he explains why the Texas Tornado is his choice over some big names on the left.

- Greg Seltzer


wbonw said...

do you have the links to parts 1 and 3?

Greg Seltzer said...

Part 1 -

Part 3 -

Nick said...

So there's been a debate in the past about what's World Class, and the definition that I've seen that I most agree with is top 50 in the world. Using my definition or a definition of your own, can we say that Clint Dempsey is America's first World Class field player?