Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Asylum party, invitation only

Predicting human behavior is an exercise in insanity.

Forecasting the behavior of the 22+ men playing a soccer match, their coaches, the referees and fans in an attempt at determining the outcome of said game is wackier still.

And when the group and knockout stages of Euro 2012 are involved, well, it's sheer madness.

We at NSC are all already dotting various points on the crazy scale - Greg's doing silly season, Will's engaged, Sean's English and I still think Oguchi Onyewu can start for the Nats - and we're letting you competitively join us. Join our Euro 2012 Bracket Predictor group, pick who advances from each group and the knockouts, decide how many goals you think the tournament-winners will score over the course of the tournament and see just how mad of a genius you are.

You'll be joined be by us, our friends in and out of the soccer community and, of course, your fellow readers.

Password: Gonzo

Bring it.

- Jacob Klinger