Thursday, June 21, 2012

Calling all fellow stat eggheads!

Just in case we hadn't already dissected the ever-increasing Fulham awesomeness of Clint Dempsey, fine lad Richard Allen of the Craven Cottage Newsround has another mathematical look at the EPL destruction wrought by our Texas Tornado.

- Greg Seltzer

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Unknown said...


Its a bit of an odd description of what Clint has done over his tenure at Fulham. The guy consistantly improves every year and lets his play dictate where he falls on the totem pole on his team. He has a great work ethic great poaching ability which comes with a high footballing IQ. That said, destruction is hardly the word that comes to mind. I can think of a handfull of players with the same skills, desires and goal scoring abilities and even then, I would not say that they are destroying the EPL. I have watched almost every game he has played for fulham and just like the fans abroad, they think of him as their MVP that could possibly achieve greater things eleswhere. Yakubu, Adebayor who were all tied with Dempsey for the fourth spot in scoring didnt "Destroy" the EPL iether.