Tuesday, June 26, 2012


On behalf of everyone at NSC it is my sincere pleasure to announce that, collectively, you have opened a large tub of booty whip upon us.

Well, Will's hanging in there with both semi-finalists alive and in the correct spot. Greg's got Germany winning it all - over Holland - and I look destined to be relegated. Germany could still give me a finalist, but I began watching purely for fun a long, long time ago.

As for people that might actually win, it seems to be down to a breakaway group co-led by "thapeez" and "PeorEsNada" and Jon Wallace and friends snapping at their heels just one point behind. If you're reading, smile. Frank Tortuga has as good a chance as anyone in the next group of contenders. Unfortunately he has the same picks as "PeorEsNada" and won't win.

Don't feel bad. Sixteen points for each finalist. Which spot it is does not matter, but I've included it in our picks below. For comic relief.

Anyway, I'll break down in more detail who stands to gain what once the final is set. Until then, keep enjoying the tournament.

Blogger Standings
1. T-28 Will (17)
T-2. T-86 Greg and Jacob (13)

Our finalists
Will - Spain and Germany
Greg - Germany* and the Netherlands
Jacob - Germany* and the Netherlands

- Jacob Klinger


Harris said...


Greg Seltzer said...

Jacob, I think you mean the Netherlands. :)

Jacob Klinger said...

Aren't they both out?

Greg Seltzer said...

Was making a joke. Holland is not actually the name of the country, but only two large states.

Unknown said...

I knew there was some geographic technicality, but I was just dryly playing along.