Friday, June 8, 2012

A few things mash-up

Yes, there will be things, but also a mini-Video Friday. Buckle up...

#1 - Of course, the USMNT starts World Cup qualifying tonight. They will have a couple of special honorary captains on the night - who each learned the news in a pretty great way (complete with video).

#2 - In case you were asleep for 24 hours, Clint Dempsey became the second American to claim back-to-back Fulham Player of the Season prizes (again, complete with video).

#3 - After a long wait, the full Clarence Goodson and missus episode of House Hunters International has been posted on the HGTV website. At least, I think that's what it is, I can't watch it over here. And obviously, it's (everyone sing along!) complete with video

#4 - Euro 2012 is now underway (highlights + NSC Man of the Match post coming soon), so feel free to peruse my group previews at S365. Let's make it easy for ya: A, B, C, D.

#5 - Speaking of that, anybody who caught or heard about a BBC (supposedly) news special about various forms of bigotry in Poland and the Ukraine, should be aware of some production hijinx. That's not to say this element does not exist in these places, but the very annoyed interview subject makes a great point about truth in news gently forcing a nation to look at itself honestly (which is obviously important when there is an issue to solve). As we know, the English media often likes to project after having a scandal at home.

For the last word on this item, we'll go to CNN for a quick talk on the subject with former Poland striker Emmanuel Olisadebe and a report from the Ukraine that tosses in yet another issue drawing scrutiny there.

#6 - Oi vey.... gosh, just think of how serenely awesome soccer would be without FIFA to drag it down time and again.

#7 - Back to the Euros, Greece is hoping a thrilling run could help its troubled economy.

#8 - Finally, check out how Hollywood sometimes adjusts its European ad campaigns when big tournaments come around...

- Greg Seltzer

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