Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goodies come to those who wait - Part Deux

A couple days ago I reported that Roma 'may soon be getting close' to a deal with Chievo for Michael Bradley. I'm back today to inform you all that the two clubs are now effectively dirty dancing.

The transfer could be done by Monday, with €3.5 million, Leandro Greco and possibly a Giammario Piscitella loan headed to Verona for barter. I can also confirm that the bridesmaids are all known by now - Fiorentina, Inter Milan (as initially reported by MLSS teammate Matthew Doyle), Juventus and Palermo.

Again, this is not a drill. It is on like a jambon, or the Italian equivalent (come su un Prosciutto?).

- Greg Seltzer


RobUsry said...

Obviously he'll have to fight for his spot, but I think he'll thrive in doing so. Can't wait for it to become official.

Jamie said...

I want him to go to inter or juventus so I can buy a kit lol.

Wideboy said...

Hopefully they get in done in time for the Liverpool friendly at the end of the month.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Rob: Well, fighting for a spot is pretty standard, and as you said he excels in that way. But I was told that they envision him getting considerable time immediately, if not earning an ink place in the line-up during the season. One possible look they're drawing up is their 4-3-3 set with Bradley and De Rossi as the men behind the #10 and they also could place a d-mid behind them. The word is Zeman plans to use a few different formations.

@ Jamie: Sorry, not gonna happen. :)

@ Wideboy: Don't worry. I'm told Zeman (who won't have Euro-participant De Rossi for a few weeks, mind you) wants Bradley into camp ASAP.

RobUsry said...

Great to know Greg. Very nice to know that they covet him. I'm already tired of people comparing this to the Villa move. He obviously didn't get a fair shake there.