Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodies for breakfast! (updated)

I may be getting phone ear, but it allowed me to hear many interesting things along my travels through the back corridors the last few days - much more than I let drop in this week's summer transfer window preview Postcard. Let's spill a few more items...

  • Not exactly a great secret at this point, but it does from all appearance seem that Terrence Boyd is heading to Rapid Vienna very shortly.
  • I have learned that Charlie Davies has been ruled outside the plans of the new Sochaux manager, and thus, he is on the market. I've also been informed that he has three clubs showing interest, with at least one of them being an Eredivisie club holding a European cup berth. I'm not sharing everything I have on this scene yet, but trust me, it could get very, very, very interesting.

    UPDATE: Not long after posting this, I found a France Football report from last night claiming AZ were one of the Dutch teams checking out Davies. So I quickly hit up Earnie Stewart to see if it was true and he said no dice.
  • Not for the first time, but Michael Parkhurst has a couple few suitors with his contract soon dwindling down to the final six months. And once again, a fraction of this interest is out of Germany. Still, FC Nordsjælland have no intention of giving him up without a fight and will probably soon initiate extension talks. I would not expect any fast movement here, largely because the Wild Tigers hold a Champions League group phase pass for the fall.
Now, we come to the portion of our show when we smash rumors like Gallagher does watermelons. Once my lovely assistant is finished handing out the plastic sheeting for those of you in the first few rows, we will obliterate a couple of recent MLS items for the fans back home - one supposedly incoming and one said to be outgoing.
  • A couple of clubs are reportedly (and I use that word loosely due to its familiarity) super-ready to snap up Brek Shea, Liverpool easily being the heavy link right now. I can emphatically confirm that there are no offers for FC Dallas' Painting Cockatoo(™) and none forthcoming in the foreseeable future.
  • On the other hand, UK rags have been busy claiming that Spurs defender Ryan Nelsen is in talks for a D.C. United return. This is strictly made up. He is not in such negotiations and I have been assured by his agent that the Kiwi man will be found in England next season.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...
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strago said...

Ok, lets try that again.

So, Henreeven or PSV?

I dont see where he fits in at PSV unless hes is the #3 striker.

Same for Henreeven since they have Elm and Sibon. My guess is Henreeven.

Greg Seltzer said...

Who the hell is Henreveen? :D

Btw, you forgot Vitesse. Plus, I didn't say Europa League, so you also forgot F-word.

I'll just go ahead and tell you it's not Ajax. Nobody had to inform me of that.

Mike said...

Any news on the teams after Cameron? It sounds like Mix and Edu are the most likely to move at this point. Is the Liverpool link for Shea due to FSG, King Kenny, or their new coach? Great work as always Greg

strago said...

Damnit. Thanks Greg, lack of coffee this morning.

Ahh, I made the "assumption" it wasnt a CL team. Thanks.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Mike: I'm working on it, there's a lot of brush to hack away on this one.

@ strago: Well... to be truthful, F-word isn't "a CL team" - they just happen to be in it this year. :)

Micah said...

Hey Greg,

You have any news on the supposed bidding war going on for Mikey in Serie A?

Greg Seltzer said...

Last I checked, Inter and Palermo are the ones who've made contact, but no offers just yet.

Oh... and those reports claiming Bradley's fee would be in the €4.5 million are low.

Cam said...

There are a lot of reports that seem to suggest that Del Piero could join the Galaxy without the Galaxy dumping a there any way that could happen?

Jay said...

Brek Shea and George John both seem to have forgotten how good they were in the last 6 months. If there was smoke there -- much less fire -- I'd eat five pairs of shorts. Really, I'd rather see some guys stick around MLS than turn into flame outs in some European backwater (*cough*Cooper*cough*Rico*cough*).

John said...

I hope Inter Milan buys Bradley.

Jon said...

What do you think is the likelihood Brek leaves this summer? Seems he needs a change of scenery, similar to Landon. Form is suffering, FCD is absolutely terrible, he lost his spot in the first XI for the USNT, and I doubt it gets better at FCD.

Do you see both Brek's camp and FCD being open to a move this summer?

dikranovich said...

brek shea has been in europe since the last transfer window, mentally anyway. del piero to canada, he speaks french, im guessing.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Cam: Not likely, I'd think. Reportedly, he's got some suitors in England, so the money will be up.

@ Jon: I've heard whispers each way, but I can tell you there are no offers for him right now. I tend to think maybe he won't leave until winter. But who knows? He could be a hot topic again by the end of August. It's pretty quiet around him at the moment.

@ dikranovich: Del Piero speaks some English. I don't know about French.