Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peter Nowak — He Gone

The smoke-blowing starts early today. 

“Peter is a terrific coach" aaaaand let me stop you there, Nick Sakiewicz, ye Polish kinsman of Nowak. Terrific begs definition, and the definition we have here is clearly a bizarre one. "Terrific" does not knock back a franchise with a bizarre bevy of personnel moves that both alienate and deconstruct. "Terrific" has a winning record. "Terrific" does not stir these kinds of goulashes

Nowak is a fascinating coaching case study because he started in Philly with a very positive reputation and leaves having undone much of that goodwill. Nowak exits stage right not only having taken a sledgehammer to his popular reputation, but throwing doubt on his very ability to coach at the level we once thought him possible. If you need another of my takes on the man, go here. If there is any surprise here it is that the front office, which Nowak was able to strong-arm into an array of weird decisions, decided to axe Nowak not before but after he engaged in a contentious trade that, presumably, few coaches would've made. Now Philly has a caretaker manager and very little in the way of promising personnel.

In any case, it's John Hackworth's show now. Godspeed, my man. Nowak already ate all the cookies and left the cupboard bare.

- Will Parchman


Harris said...

So, is Hackworth a prime example of the Dilbert Principle?

Will Parchman said...

Not in so many words. I don't think the Philly front office intentionally promotes incompetence, just on accident.

Presenting... said...

Speaking of MLS. In terms of draft blunders...

Sam Bowie :: Michael Jordan
Greg Oden :: Kevin Durant
Omar Salgado :: Darlington Nagbe
Andrew Wenger :: Darren Mattocks

Am I right?

Hey, I know a good idea. Let's pass on a potentially elite goal scorer in favor of a mediocre utility man!

Will Parchman said...

Been saying the same thing since draft day re: Mattocks. From my draft analysis in January:

"Darren Mattocks is the attacking jewel of the draft and one of the best forward prospects to take the stage in some time. How Montreal came to the conclusion that he didn't fit is something I can't understand. I can't penalize the Impact too heavily for taking Wenger, but the fact remains that nobody really knows what his position is yet. Salty defensive midfielders (if he even ends up as one) are much easier to find and nurture than are attackers with a mean streak, and I fear that's what Montreal passed up. Calum Mallace does not wow, either."

dikranovich said...

i guess if you are a montreal exec, you might look at the previous year and see that kitchen was a nice player at pick three. wenger is the type of player teams might look at as being ready sooner. and you got the jesse marsch, dc united connection. it all makes sense from that perspective.

Phil McCracken said...

I think that the Philly ownership was generally OK with Nowak making roster moves which saved them money. However, they were compelled to make this change when they saw a great part of the fan base losing interest in the team as well as being publicly embarassed by Nowak being linked to the Hearts job. Nowak has been looking for a new job for a while, it was only when it became public that this became an issue for Union ownership.

Nick S's performance in yesterday's press conference was pretty poor. His comments were totally disingenuous about Nowak. The team has underperformed and with Nowak's departure, he reaped the most benefits by regaining a lot of power in the organization.

I think that the team will do better under Hackworth, but I can't really see them making a run at the playoffs without adding some reinforcements in key areas (central defense and a forward who can hold the ball while under pressure).

BTM said...

I wouldn't include Salgado/Nagbe in that list. Way too premature at best. Salgado is over three years younger and has shown flashes of brilliance this season before his unfortunate injury.

Will Parchman said...

And I wouldn't call Nagbe a for-sure hit on the relative level of a Jordan or Durant either. More like a Kemba Walker or Greg Monroe at this point with a very high ceiling.