Monday, June 4, 2012

What about Bobbo?

It must be said, I am extremely proud as an American and as an American soccer nut to watch Bob Bradley operate as Egypt manager. You've probably read how they won their first World Cup 2014 qualifier (also his first competitive match with the Pharoahs). Let's go to the "film at 11" - complete with family remarks.


- Greg Seltzer


pete said...
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Phillip Goldman said...

haha is it just me or is he picking up an egyptian accent? We are all proud of you Bob! Stay classy and keep up the good work!

Matt said...

He really is the perfect man for the job. I wonder if having his wife and daughter stand behind him is a cultural thing, or just a practical thing. That dynamic just looked kind of awkward.

Go Pharaohs.

Sanjit said...

That second goal... Own goal? The progression of events was exactly like Clint's shot against Stoke City: shot, keeper deflection, off post, off keeper, into the net.

Call the dubious goals committee!

Desert Rat said...

The goal's not's more a question of how does it get credited.

I'm very proud of Bob Bradley. I thought he did about as well as expected in his time with the USMNT, especially since he was so clearly from the word go not Sunil Gulati's first choice.

I'm not surprised his disciplined approach is paying dividends for Egypt, and I hope it continues to do so. I've also been reading something of his experience in Egypt, and it sounds like's been a good ambassador of the game, the team, and the country. Glad for him.

Andy said...

Good job, Bob.

I do find it humorous that he has developed the patented "speaking English in a foreign country" accent. I remember an interview with Jozy in which he spoke with the same accent.

Greg Seltzer said...

I think when an American is trying to enunciate clearly to be understood, the brain sometimes sorta adds in the local cadence. I don't think it's intentional.