Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's cookin' in the kitchen

No, I'm not practicing for the next MasterChef (go Christine Ha!) or preparing my debut rap album to challenge The Throne. What we do have today is a few wafting aromas from the goodie kitchen to water the taste buds before eventual service. While I'm not yet sure what is set happen in these two cases, there's no need to starve everybody of info at this point.

  • I have confirmed that Stoke City are talking fee with the Houston Dynamo over Geoff Cameron, which stands as the last hurdle to the potential move. There are no other suitors at this serious level right now - but there will be if the Potters bid fails. And last I checked, there's been a snag. How bad? We shall see.
  • The transfer whisperers have told me that Aston Villa free agent Brad Guzan is close to finding a new employer... or (wink) is he? Stay tuned. This should be settled very soon.
  • Don't expect Michael Bradley to go anywhere quickly. While Chievo director Luigi Sartori is telling the truth that longtime admirers AS Roma and Fiorentina have made contact over the midfielder, I am told by someone who'd know that all clubs are submitting 'requests for information' at this time - in other words, no one has placed an offer on the table yet. And as Mr. Sartori stated yesterday, he believes a big offer will come later from outside Serie A. Who might that be, or at least from whence do they come? I'm on it.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Yo Seltz.
gotta say. i love these tidbits as much as any footy bits i read on the puter. your carrots have a certain definitive taste to them.
sally forth, sancho!
and thanks for the info.

Greg Seltzer said...

Thanks, Mike. And FYI: my carrots are typically glazed in apple juice, a tiny bit of brown sugar and a hit of Indonesian sambal. :D

strago said...

We made the best Fettucine the other night.

Fresh peas (Farmers Market)
Fresh Fettucine (Farmers Market)
Parmigiano-Reggiano from the local wine shop
Heavy Cream
Prosciutto from the local Italian deli


P.s. Thanks for the info!

Andy said...

Is the Dempsey transfer front really as quiet as it seems?

Greg Seltzer said...

TBD. Euro tourneys sorta largely freeze the glitzy item market for a month.

heythisisrobbie said...

Thanks for the great info, Greg.

I'm going to get greedy and ask about some Diskerud information. Are any teams outside of Gent interested in him?

With Klinnsman's hatred of Belgium I would hate for him to stay..

Greg Seltzer said...

Technically, Mix is still on loan with a buy option for three more days, so other teams really can't show too much interest.

And suddenly last week, the Belgian papers that had long since announced he was not coming back have woken up to realizing he could stay. The other day, Gent's assistant coach stated that the club had yet to decide what to do with the option.

We'll know soon. And if Gent do not take up the option, I'm sure several other prowlers will suddenly emerge.

Lampard in the End Zone said...

As Greg already knows, but to those of us that might not scour Aston Villa blogs, the scuttlebutt is that Shay Given's performance at Euro 2012 was viewed poorly by the higher-ups at Villa. Guzan may be enticed by management to stay with the promise of first team action.

Wideboy said...

Any news about the guys at Rangers? Would they really consider playing in SPL 3rd Division?

Dasdude said...

Any news on Brek shea or Juan aguedelo going abroad

Unknown said...

When you give a mouse a cookie ... :P

heythisisrobbie said...

Haha, exactly what I thought Jacob. Sorry for starting the landslide, Greg.

Interesting stuff on Bradley. It sounds like he's gone to the highest bidder. I really like how Chievo is handling the situation...honest and transparent. Bradley hasn't been shy about turning down transfers in the past, though. I'm glad he wants to stay in Italy.